Destiny Offers Sony DLC & Beta First, Microsoft Counters
by GamerFitnation on July 7, 2014 at 11:46 PM EDT

In a peculiar turn of events Destiny developer Bungie revealed that the beta for Destiny will be lasting twice as long on PS3/PS4 than it will on X360/XB1. It was also revealed that PlayStation owners will be receiving Destiny DLC for over a year before Xbox owners will see DLC of any kind. But the fun doesn’t stop there, due to outrage from numerous Xbox fans (which don’t worry we’ll be glad to show you) Microsoft countered Sony by offering their fans who pick up Destiny on either Xbox 360 or Xbox One a $10 gift card.



The PlayStation Destiny beta dates are from July 17th-26th, and the Xbox beta dates for Destiny are from July 23rd-26th. The first two expansion packs that are included on PlayStation consoles will be exclusive until “at least the fall of 2015,” meaning that Xbox gamers will have to wait at least a year until they see any extra content from Destiny.

In response to all this though Microsoft has offered their own promotional deal. Those who pre-order Destiny on either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One will receive a digital code for $10 to whatever purchases they wish to make through Xbox. Even with this promotion some Xbox fans are still feeling very wronged.

This might not seem like a big deal but Bungie has been with Microsoft from day 1 with Halo, and many consider this exclusivity to Sony a betrayal from the company that they once so heavily supported. Some gamers have even gone as far to say that Xbox gamers should cancel their pre-orders for the game just to show them their true feelings about it.



This is one more example where popular Redditer justanother0 expressed his opinions about this situation.

If you don’t think this is a big f*** you to xbox one fans. Then i dont know what to tell you.

PS got alpha and a longer beta, we get 1 day of downloading and 2 days of praying the servers don’t crash, aren’t too full, aren’t laggy. and clearly the 26th is the day they want to Stress test the servers. Having done several Betas including a couple bungie betas. I know how this goes. Too many people trying to download the game at once, too many people trying to log in/create at once. and then too many players on the servers at once. Some ass hat figures out a glitch that crashes the servers/zones they gotta take it down to patch it. This is what beta testing is all about, and 3 days is not enough to properly test the coding of the game, it is however long enough to give players a taste of the game and say you were being fair to both systems by letting them in a beta test.


Screenshot from gameplay of Destiny.

Destiny was originally predicted to be one of the highest selling games of 2014, whether or not all of this will alter the sales remains to be seem.

What do you think about this Destiny news? Who got the short end of the stick for these Destiny deals? If you’re an Xbox gamer how do you feel about these announcements? Likewise for our PlayStation gamers out there? Let us know all your thoughts about this in the comments below!

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  • Debbie Stephenson

    Ohh how the tables have turned,don’t worry it’s only a year to wait,just wait it out lol

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