Evolve Looks to Expand to eSports and Racks Up at E3 2014
by Tamika Moultrie on July 1, 2014 at 01:42 PM EDT


 Evolve coming to a eSports League near you ?

Evolve: the monster hunting 4 vs 1 shooter, is breaking grounds like never before. The game became a huge hit at PAX East 2014, won several awards during E3, and will we see a  eSports league ?

2K Games aimed to make Evolve a goliath during the expo, showcasing three different locations throughout the convention where people could play as one of the four newest hunters and the new monster, Kraken.  Another highlight was their featured Evolve competition, which brought on crowds that you would see at PAX east for League of Legends. Just imagine a Evolve league for competitive gamers.

So we had to ask, will we see Evolve in an eSports league? 4 vs 1 would bring a different outlook to competitive gaming.  2K Games’, Mike Boccieri, shares with us the difficulty in creating  Kraken, new classes, and if we will see Evolve on the big stage.

Edited by: Avery Osborn


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