Eating to Maximize Muscle Gains
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Like Most Americans, dinner is often the biggest meal of the with the most protein, but in order to maximize muscle growth it may just be better to spread that out some.

Published recently in the Journal of Nutrition, a dietary study for optimal muscle growth looked at protein distribution in participants daily diet. Five men and three women volunteers between the ages of 25 and 55 had their protein intake either distrbuted evenly throughout the day or weighed heavily in the evening.  The total amount of calories for was held constant between the two groups.  muscle

The study then measured protein fractional synthesis rate (FSR) to determine the amount of muscle synthesis for the two groups.  Just for breakfast alone having 30 grams of protein versus ten produced a 30% higher muscle protein synthesis.  This held true over 24 hours as those who had evenly distributed 30 grams of protein over their three daily meals continued to have a higher protein synthesis to the tune of 25% more than those who consumed most of their protein in their third and last meal of the day.  

Why this might be more effective?

The human body has ways to store a nearly limitless amount of fat and good amount (~2000 calories) of carbs in the form of glycogen. Protein, however, is according to not stored like the other macro-nutrients. So excess protein that is not able to be used is merely used as energy or flushed out.  The participants who ate most of the protein may not have had as much results because of this idea. The excess was merely burned and not used to build muscle because their bodies only used so much and the other group had a consistant amount of protein in their diet that allowed them to maximize the rebuilding process throughout the entire day.

Of course this was a small study, but evenly spreading out your protein intake over the course of the day makes sense from our current understanding and may be optimal for maximum muscle growth.  So if you plan on hitting the gym and are looking to hit the huge gains jackpot then this is how you want to eat for such results.  If you want to see exactly how the study was done and how the results were measured check out the study at the Journal of Nutrition’s website.  Until then good luck and have fun on your quest to fitness!

By Kyle Swain

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