Papayas Explained: Health Benefits, Taste, And Meals
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Christopher Columbus once described Papayas as “fruit of the angels” and rightfully so, since papayas are an incredibly healthy and incredibly tasty miracle fruit.


What’s In Papayas?

These are some of the nutrition facts that you’ll find in your standard papaya fruit (157g)

- 67 Calories

- 286mg Potassium (8%)

- 17g carbohydrates (5%)

- 29% of Vitamin A

- 159% of Vitamin C

- 8% of Magnesium

Papayas are highest in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, as well as other nutrients that you need throughout your day, eating a papaya for breakfast would be a great way to jump start your day and give you the energy you need.

Papayas Health Benefits

Digestion - Papayas contain an enzyme that is called ‘papain’ this enzyme aids in digestion within the stomach to ensure that your body digests your food more fully and allows you to take in the nutrients better in the digestive track.

Heart Disease - Thanks to all the vitamin, potassium and fiber content found in papayas eating them helps to ward off heart disease.

Diabetes - Papayas contain a good amount of fiber, research has shown that eating fiber can aid your body in controlling your bloods glucose level, reducing your chances of obtaining diabetes. If you have already contracted diabetes then it can still help in ensuring that your blood glucose levels stay in check.


What Do They Taste Like?

Regardless of whether a food is healthy or not it makes it a lot easier to include it into your diet if it tastes good. You should also know what it tastes like to ensure that you’re getting the healthiest freshest kind of papaya. The taste of a papaya varies, but most who have tasted it say that it tastes like a mango, only less tangy. Others have likened their taste to more of a cantaloupe/pineapple taste. Many have even compared it to coffee in the sense that the fruit is an acquired taste, since most dislike it at first and even say that it has a very pungent after taste.

Meals To Include Papayas In?

If you don’t feel like eating Papaya as a raw fruit then here are a few tasty, healthy meals to include papayas into.
As said earlier papayas would be a great way to start your morning with all the energy they give, so because of that reason a papaya breakfast smoothie that is quick to make, and easy to drink is ideal.

If you’re looking to make a fruit salad and don’t know what to mix with the papaya with then check out this awesome recipe for a Caribbean fruit salad.

But if you’re looking for a more of a hearty meal then this Caribbean style Jerk Chicken topped with papaya salsa might be best for you.


Papayas are a rare fruit that not many eat throughout their lifetime, however if you’re willing to take the time to include it into your diet then it will do nothing but help you lead an overall healthier life.

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