Secret Bases Return to Pokemon
by GamerFitnation on July 9, 2014 at 03:04 PM EDT

Earlier this year, Nintendo delivered an answer to Pokemon fan’s hopes by announcing the release of remakes for Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. This has left fans not just overjoyed, but wondering if Nintendo would keep the much loved Secret Bases in the new games. Nintendo has once again delivered to it’s fans and announced that Secret Bases will be making a return in ORAS  and will be even better than before.


Secret Base

A new character, Aarune, will be your guide to creating and perfecting your own Secret Base. Bases will still be created by having a Pokemon use Secret Power, but this time they will be referred to as Super-Secret Bases rather than just plain Secret Bases. You will have the ability to not only decorate your Secret Base, but set up traps and mazes within the base as well.

Another massive new feature makes full use of Pokemon’s increasing online playability. You can now share you Secret Base through Street Pass or via a QR code. The QR code is created by you at your Secret Base PC, it can then be saved, shared, and scanned so other players can find your base. Through this you will be able to visit other trainers bases, battle other players, and even set up your own Pokemon Gym inside of your Secret Base. If you find any of your friends online, you can have them become “Secret Pals” who then come to your base and can help you on your journey by making eggs hatch faster or raising your Pokemon’s level slightly.


Secret Base

Capture the Flag is another way that Nintendo is bringing more online fun. Each trainer gets a flag that rests beside their bases computer. You are able to take one flag from each base you visit per day and thus up you and your team’s ranking. Boosting your rank in Capture the Flag will result in rewards and improved Secret Pal skills.

If Pokemon lovers weren’t already excited enough, the return of Secret Bases will surely fan the flames. You can go here to find out more about the new Secret Bases in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

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