Soylent - The Only Food You’ll Ever Need Again
by GamerFitnation on July 1, 2014 at 01:04 AM EDT

Soylent is a new product that looks to eliminate the need to ever eat any other kind of food again by offering a complete set of your daily values in one simple drink.



What Exactly Is Soylent?

Soylent is a combination of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs throughout a typical day, anything that your body needs will be contained in this drink. It comes in a powder form, simply just mix the powder with an appropriate amount of water, and drink.

Soylent has provided us with this promotional video explaining the companies direction and motives for Soylent.

What’s In Soylent?



This picture above (click to enlarge) shows all the nutrition facts in your standard cup of Soylent powder.


Is Soylent The “Food Of The Future?”

Many people have hailed Soylent as being a new wave for the food industry, there have been many shows that depict the future, or try to anyways, and a lot of them have touched upon what food may be like in the future. Most of them depicted the characters consuming an all purpose kind of food that would keep them set for the rest of the day. There are people out there who have tried living off of nothing but Soylent and for the most part the reviews are positive. So the question isn’t whether it works or not, the question is whether the public will warm up to the idea of Soylent in their everyday diet.

Advantages To Soylent

- Reduces amount of money spent on meals.

- Gives you more time in your day since you don’t have to worry about cooking or preparing meals.

- Can help you lose weight by stopping you from eating unhealthy foods high in fats and cholesterol.

- Can cut down on malnutrition in 3rd world countries such as India.


What do you think? Is Soylent the new food of the future? Could you see yourself drinking Soylent as an alternative to your daily meals? Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments below!

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