Wellapets: Asthma Education for Kids
by GamerFitnation on July 2, 2014 at 11:28 AM EDT

By Jen Galik

Wellapets, created by LifeGuard Games Inc. is a free game on iOS and Android systems that allows kids to take care of a dragon-like pet that has asthma. It has already had a huge positive impact on kids who have asthma, as they are able to learn more about their condition and gain confidence through taking care of something that has the same illness they have. It’s not just kids with asthma who are benefiting from Wellapets, others who do not have asthma are able to learn more about it and from there be a better support to the loved ones in their life who do have asthma.


You start the game by naming and hatching an egg, your choice of either red and orange or blue and green. From there you help your pet properly use his or her inhaler, remove triggers such as smoke and dust from your pets home, and help your Wellapet get strong enough to breathe fire to defeat smog monsters.

Wellapets also features rooms you can decorate and mini games to help children better understand the triggers of asthma and when an inhaler should be taken. You are also given the option to purchase food for you Wellapet, which will deplete it’s health a little if it is not a healthy choice. Your Wellapet can also see and diagnose other Wellapets, thus teaching the signs of asthma to children and anyone else playing the game.

The game has received good reviews from both parents and doctors, saying that Wellapets is a good way to help kids better understand asthma and how to properly care for it. Ann Wu, whose daughter has asthma and plays Wellapets, recently said in an article that  “She’s learning how to take ownership of her own illness and not needing me for everything,” showing just how much confidence taking care of a Wellapet can give children with asthma.

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