ZipStix by Hog Wild Review
by Zachary Bridge on July 1, 2014 at 09:00 AM EDT

ZipStix Review 1

ZipStix is a new toy from Hog Wild Toys that lets kids launch sticks and smash stacked cups at high speeds.

There’s four different packs available now:

ZipStix Starter Pack ($4.95):

  • One Board
  • One Launcher

ZipStix Dual Pack ($6.95):

  • Two Boards
  • Two Launchers
  • Three Crash Cones

ZipStix Stunt Pack ($10.95):

  • Two Boards
  • Two Launchers
  • Three Crash Cones
  • One Kicker Ramp

ZipStix Mega Pack ($21.95):

  • Six Boards
  • Two Launchers
  • Six Crash Cones
  • One Kicker Ramp
  • One Quarter Pipe Ramp

How ZipStix Works

Every pack comes with at least one ZipStix board and one launcher. The board has a hole in it that’s hooked onto the launcher. The board can then be curled until it’s ready to launch forward by letting go of the stick.

ZipStix Review 2

The bigger packs contain crash cones and ramps. The crash cones and small orange cones that can be stacked up. When the ZipStix crashes into the cones, the cones go flying.

The ramps can be used to send the ZipStix flying through the air. The kicker ramp will keep the board flying straight, but the quarter pipe ramp sends the sticks straight up into the air. The ramps can be used to set up some tricky shots.

Breaking things down is as fun as building them up, and ZipStix lets kids do both. Stack up the crash cones and send them flying in all directions when the board flies into them.

There’s a wide variety of designs available on the boards. Right now, there’s 72 different designs, so collectors can try to hunt all of them down.

It takes some time to master manipulating the ZipStix to go where you want, but once you get the hang of it, ZipStix is pretty fun.

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