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Created by Antwand Pearman, GamerFitNation originally was a Ning Site, serving as a forum for users to discuss gaming and health issues and had the tag “Finding the Balance between Gaming and Health.” The original GamerFitNation logo was a medical caduceus made of video game peripherals. This was created by Nathaniel Blasi. Eventually the site developed into a blog, and is currently a website. Writers are regarded as members of the press. In early 2012, the site re-branded, creating a new tag “Where Gaming and Health Come Together” and added “#BeGamerFit” to its slogan of “Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit.” GamerFitNation also updated its logo with a design by Edward Ofori-Attah.

Antwand Pearman, founder and current president and Editor in Chief of GamerFitNation, has kept a hands-on approach with the site since creating it in 2010. In addition to writing articles and managing staff and the site, Pearman represents the company during most events and interviews. GamerFitNation’s Executive Editor and Vice-President is Gregory Laporte, who has been with GamerFitNation since the early stages of the site. Click here for our complete mission statement.


Our current layout was designed and coded by TheSuccessStore.org.


For all advertising inquiries, email Info@GamerFitnation.com.


Mini-biographies and contact information for our staff members can be read at the staff page.


Interested in writing for us? Right now we can’t offer pay, so being a staff member is strictly voluntary. We do, however, offer internships for college credits if you’re still interested. Simply follow the instructions here on our Jobs application.

Guest Posts

If you’re a writer and you’ve put together a piece about video games, tech, or a healthy lifestyle and you want it to be published, send us an email using the contact information below.


If you would like to contact GamerFitNation for any gaming/health/media-related purposes, email our editor at Info@GamerFitNation.com.

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