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Adidas miCoach: Get Fit Faster

by on February 19, 2015

Adidas is taking steps to make your fitness life a little bit easier. With their new Adidas miCoach application, as well as compatible technologies, you will be on the fast track to a more active lifestyle. Bear in mind that Adidas miCoach is not a fitness tracker that you wear twenty-four hours a day. Devices that use Adidas miCoach are meant to be used only when you are actively working out and taking part in your daily fitness routine.

Adidas miCoach is a personalized fitness assistant able to keep track of a nice array of things while you work out. You can listen to music while making use of voice coaching, take part in heart race paced cardio training, get lessons on how to properly do workout techniques, access a detailed analysis of your workout and more. Keep an eye on your activity levels, calories burned and get on the fast track to a more fit life. The app for Adidas miCoach is free on Android, Apple and Windows products.

A look at the Adidas Micoach Smart Run.

A look at the Adidas miCoach Smart Run.

Adidas miCoach offers a selection of products that can be used with the app. These products include:

  • Fit Smart: A workout intensity watch that can help you track your workout routines. It is currently selling for $150.
  • Smart Run: Get real-time coaching with this all-in-one watch for just $400.
  • Smart Ball: This high-tech ball can track your trajectory, spin and more to help teach you how to improve. Buy one for $200.
  • X-Cell: A monitor that can be used in game to keep an eye on your heartrate, jump and more. This one costs only $70.
  • Speed Cell: A nifty little device for your shoe that can monitor your speed, distance and more. Available for $70.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: This compact monitor can track your heart rate and calories as you go. Available now for $60.

If you’d like to learn more about the Adidas miCoach, check out Tamika Moultrie’s interview with Anette Barba from Adidas:

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