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Collector's Edition

Collector’s Editions: Do You Buy Them?

by GamerFitnationon August 25, 2015
Video games have gotten a bad rap for release day game patches. The games come out and aren’t 100% operational. But even so, there are still collector’s editions of video games that people buy, giving them DLC that others don’t have or physical items nobody can get anywhere else (yet). That being said, who actually […]
Final Fantasy Explorers

Final Fantasy Explorers Coming in January

by GamerFitnationon August 4, 2015
Final Fantasy Explorers, the Japanese Action-RPG, is finally coming to the US and Europe January 26th and 29th 2016, respectively. It plays most like a Monster Hunter game where you are able to capture monsters and get them to fight on your side. The game offers a lot in terms of fan service and getting […]

Batman: Arkham Knight

(SPOILERS) The Only Problem with Batman: Arkham Knight

by GamerFitnationon August 3, 2015
I’m not going to lie. I love Batman: Arkham Knight. It was awesome and it was everything I wanted from a Batman game. There was only one problem for me, though. There were no civilians. Now, I know that Scarecrow caused the city to be evacuated. But, come on. The first game where we are […]
video game to movie

Top 5 Worst Video Game to Movie Adaptations

by GamerFitnationon August 3, 2015
There have been A LOT of video game to movie adaptations, and not many have done that well. A lot of the credit for the terrible adaptations goes to Uwe Boll, a German director who has a lot of the horrible films under his belt. Instead of making this a list of just his films […]

Street Fighter V

Capcom’s Street Fighter V Beta Flops

by GamerFitnationon August 2, 2015
Capcom’s first beta for Street Fighter V did not go off without hitch. It didn’t even go off with mediocrity. The beta flat-out failed. The beta started out poorly and was taken down multiple times for Capcom to attempt to fix the problems, but running into more each time. Connectivity issues were more than abundant, […]