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Doctor on Demand: Face-to-Face Health App

by on February 19, 2015


We all know the struggle of getting sick and having an internal battle over whether or not to go to the doctor. The outcome of that battle can go many different ways: You go to the doctor to find out you just have a cold and everything is fine, or maybe you look up your symptoms online and somehow convince yourself you are dying even though you know you are not.  Sometimes you go to the doctor to find something was indeed wrong and the trip was actually worthwhile. Doctor on Demand hopes to erase those moments when going to the doctor is not necessary and save you from going out into the cold weather to travel to an office.

Doctor on Demand is an application that brings you face-to-face with a live doctor. The doctors are certified and screened, completely ready to video chat with you about your health concerns. The application is free to sign up for, and the most you can expect to spend on a visit with a doctor is only $40. These doctors can even prescribe certain kinds of medication when necessary.

Get connected with a doctor without leaving the warmth of your home.

Get connected with a doctor without leaving the warmth of your home.

Doctor on Demand also provides psychiatrists who can help you and meet with you over emotional and mental struggles. The costs of these visits are said to be half of what you would expect from a visit to a clinic.

With Doctor on Demand by your side, you can schedule to see or call a doctor through the app without having to leave the comfort of your home or spend an hour in the waiting room. Just about everything you need is right at your fingertips.

This application is available on most devices. Just about any device with a camera is capable of downloading the app. Windows is currently the only system Doctors on Demand is not ready for. For more information on Doctor on Demand, check out Tamika Moultrie’s interview with Dr. Pat Basu on this revolutionary new creation:

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