Are You Drinking Enough Water? [Challenge]

by Taji Deanon June 5, 2015
You’re probably not drinking enough water. No, the watered-down latte you had this morning or your homemade soda at night doesn’t count. Even if you find yourself going through a few cups a day at the water cooler, you still may be falling short. How much water is enough? Let’s look at some stats, then […]
Tarte Asian Yogurt

Tarte Asian Yogurt the Ideal Post-Workout Snack for the on-the-go Gamer

Yogurt is a personal favorite snack of yours truly. There are a ton of brands out there, from the popular Cobani, Oikos, and Dannon brands. Whether these are some of your very own personal favorites, yogurt is a must have for a healthy diet. Why, you may ask? Well, yogurt is a probiotic. Yogurt allows […]

Meat Chips

Meat Chips: The go to Snack while Gaming to become the Hulk or Guile

Meat Chips are a chicken corn chip flavored snack to help with your gains in the gym. The summer is coming around and you’re going to need to get the right amount of carbs and protein to meet the fitness goals you’re trying to strive for this summer. Recently, we reached out to Meat Chips CEO […]

Video Game Characters Transformed into Fruits and Veggies

by Tamika Moultrieon March 1, 2015
Gaming and health put together is a fun marriage in itself for getting healthy in a fun way, but seeing your favorite video game characters transformed into fruits and vegetables is another story altogether. Here are this week’s video game characters turned into fruits and veggies. Check out last week’s post, “Video Game Characters as […]

Dark Chocolate — Your Bitter Body Buddy

by GeeLWon February 12, 2015
  As you probably know (and in case you didn’t), dark chocolate has been linked to all sorts of health benefits, and when used in small, sensible amounts, it can be a fantastic addition to your diet. Poke around the Internet and you’ll see study after study that show the flavonoids, flavanols, minerals and antioxidants […]