Bloodborne Review PS4 Not for the Faint of Heart

Bloodborne is the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive to come out. Does it live up to the demon slaying hype? Let’s find out! Check out our Bloodborne review. Bloodborne has you taking control of your very own demon slaying character on a journey to destroy the monsters of them hunt. Bloodborne is a game that requires […]

MLB 15: The Show PS3 Review

by GeeLWon April 17, 2015
Where the Vita version of MLB 15: The Show was lacking in online features and depth outside the core game, the home console versions offer up a wealth of options that make for a more complete game of baseball. Road to the Show’s RPG-like play, a deep franchise mode, the addictive Diamond Dynasty card game, […]


MLB 15: The Show Vita Review

by GeeLWon April 12, 2015
It wasn’t all that many years back when you could walk into a game shop and choose from a few different yearly sports games. Football, basketball, hockey, baseball and even a few types of auto racing all had different publishers vying for your gaming dollars each season. In terms of console baseball games these days, […]

Run Sackboy Run Vita Review

by GeeLWon April 12, 2015
Released last year on iOS and Android devices, Run Sackboy Run has finally made it onto the Vita with one big addition. Racking up points in this free-to-play endless runner will allow you to purchase costumes to use in Little Big Planet 3, headed to the PS3 and PS4 later this year. As with any game […]


La-Mulana EX Review (Vita)

by GeeLWon April 12, 2015
Think you’re a gaming deity who can master anything in a few minutes and prove it over a weekend? La-Mulana EX wants a word with you in that dark alley downstairs, whereupon it will take your money, beat you senseless and leave you wondering what the hell happened to your gaming skills.This enhanced version of […]