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Rules of GFN

1. No profanity will be tolerated on the site.
2. No flaming, flame baiting. If you don’t know what a flame is here is the definition of a flame. A Flame is a blatant insult to a person or group as a means to cause controversy.
3. Pleases respect all individuals.
4. No trolling.
5. No duplicate threads
6. No spamming.
7. No soliciting of third party websites on GFN
8. If you are going to post things from a third party that are fact please source it, no plagiarism.
9. If you want a thread to be called an official thread please ask for permission from a moderator before you do so.
10. No threats toward our fellow community members.
11. No Images or discussions related to death and vulgarity.
12. no discusssion of the end or the world or gloable disasters.
13. No Disucssion of religion or politics allowed on the site.
14. Any attempt to evade a ban will result in a permanent ban. (zero tolerance)
15. Harassment of other kind will not be tolerated whether it be sexual or user harassment. We should RESPECT one another on the site as you would respect your family and friends.
16. Any inappropriate content such as pictures,statuses, or names that are not deemed safe to be on the site will result in a ban.
Let this be a warning to you the GFN faithful, any violation to these rules will be looked upon harshly and may result in a ban from the site. We have a zero tolerance for foolery and we expect each and everyone you.

if you see any staff member or user breaking the rules please let BlackBible, QcVic, or WhitWhit and we will deal with the problem according to the terms of the site.

If there are any rules that you feel need to be clarified or something that you don’t understand and would like a better explanation, please contact a moderator and provide them with your question. They will be more than happy to work it out for you. (Pun Intended)

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