GFN Spotlight:

GFN Spotlight:

In our ongoing quest for a balanced lifestyle that includes gaming and health, it’s no surprise that gamers like to turn to technology, and specifically the internet, to aid us in that quest. From accessing information, to tracking our progress and success, to connecting with people worldwide, technology and the internet have given us more options than ever before.



The people at are bringing local runners together in new and exciting ways. Created by runners, for runners, the website aims to help members create lasting friendships and find motivation from running with other members on the website. How does it do that? JoggingBuddy is a global website with members in 71 countries and growing.  Members can enjoy the camaraderie that only exist between runners who have faced and triumphed in common goals.  Members come from all walks of life and all abilities, whether you’re a power walker, jogger, runner or a tri-athlete or experienced ultra marathoner, they can all be found at was founded by Tony Piedade and launched in September 2008. The website has since grown to become home to members in 89 countries around the world. How this the idea come about?

“ I went for a run at 3am and figured that there couldn’t possibly be any other runners out at that time! – and there were.  So the idea hit me! –wouldn’t it be great if I knew these guys were up for a run! -  I never finished my run!, I turned around, went home and started the website.”

The website, unlike any others, offers some fantastic features to help you get, or keep, moving; you can, find a buddy, map a run, log a run, send emails in confidence and use the forums. The site has even launched an app to help you stay connected no matter where you are.  According to JoggingBuddy’s Tips for those who want to get started in running by Liz Yelling

“The hardest thing about running is taking the first few steps. Being a successful runner doesn’t mean running fast. It means being able to walk/run/walk or run at your own pace, with confidence, balance, rhythm, posture and style. The most daunting thing about trying something new is the feeling that you are in unfamiliar territory or out of your comfort zone.

Everyone feels nervous when they start something new. That’s completely natural. But the more you do the more relaxed you’ll feel and the more confident you’ll become” she says. “The great thing about starting running, is that it’s more about your journey to becoming a healthy, active and energized person than it is about how fast or how far you run.”

“The Gaming community is a vibrant and active one,” says Tony Piedade, “but like most things we have to keep it all in moderation. It’s great to have an entity like GamerFitNation keeping it all In balance! -  great job!”


Members of the website are currently working towards an amazing goal of 1 million miles! With 22741.07 miles logged, thus far, it is going to take a lot of tenacity, endurance, and motivation to get there. With a group as large and determined as the members of I have no doubts that they will reach their goal. As an aside currently the male runners are leading the challenge by 27%, so c’mon ladies strap on those runners. You may also notice that UK runners are beating out US runners by a whopping 14 559 participants! Now what gamer doesn’t like a little competition? Be sure to check out the 1 Million Mile Challenge at, register for free, and help work towards this healthy goal.



JoggingBuddy has, at its core, one simple a mission: to help runners find other runners to train with in their local area.  JoggingBuddy has members of all ages and all abilities, from power walkers to Ultra Marathon runners!  If you want to find a Running Partner, this is the place for you. with constant building and refining happening at the website JoggingBuddy plans to launch some very unique social elements to our website next year.





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