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Benefits of Eating in Season

by on March 23, 2014

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With spring finally here, it’s the perfect time to find food in season that have the most flavor, the highest nutritional value, and are the most affordable. Changing of the seasons provides a variety of amazing foods that are in their optimal nutrition zone. Beautiful spring weather is a reminder that it is important to eat with the seasons for ideal health and wellness.


Eating seasonally supports the body in naturally cleansing and healing because seasonal foods are picked at the peak of freshness. With higher nutritional content, you can provide your body with countless vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that will help you maintain vibrant health. What is even cooler is that the nutrients in these seasonal foods often correspond to our body’s seasonal needs. Oranges, at peak in the winter, are high in Vitamin C, which helps in supporting our immune system and wards off winter colds. In the spring, tender, leafy vegetables like spinach, romaine lettuce, spring onions, or fresh parsley help detoxify your liver and cleanse the body.

When produce is in season, especially locally, it is usually not as expensive because of the abundance of that particular food. They also do not require anywhere near as much effort to produce than out-of-season produce. If you buy foods in season, you’ll be financially rewarded. Not only is eating in season relatively cost effective, but the taste is maximized as well. Fresh foods that are locally harvested are full of wholesome flavors and exempt from ripening and rotting during excessive transportation that leads to them losing flavor every step of the way.

Grocery stores are very convenient and provide foods all year round, even when not in season. Supporting local farmers at farmers markets in your area will help you feel connected to the community, and also to the food. Seasonal, local foods travel much shorter distances that non-local fruits and vegetables that you can find in a typical supermarket. Seasonal foods also usually have fewer chemicals. This also helps reduce pollution from shipping and transporting food, and reduces the carbon footprint as well. You can experiment with different fruits and vegetables, and add some fun variety to your diet.

My favorite spring foods include asparagus, blueberries, strawberries, and artichokes. These foods all help to renew the body and prepare us for the warm summer months up ahead. Look for these products at your local farmer’s markets and stock up with them this spring!

Stefani Pappas

Stefani Pappas is the author of Gamer Fit Nation’s Biweekly Column entitled, “Fast Track To Fit With Stef!” She is a college student majoring in Nutritional Sciences and hopes to become a Registered Dietitian. As a Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, Stefani is dedicated to leading a healthy and active lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same. Follow her on Twitter @stefhealthtips for more nutrition and fitness tips!

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