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Boss Battle: Ditch the Donkey Butt

by onMay 3, 2015

A couple weeks ago, we took you through some tips to overcome your boss battle with the Bowser Belly. Today, we are here to give you advice on how you can defeat another boss that could be hindering your trip to the swimsuit body you desire. This boss battle is the Donkey Butt battle.

These days, it can feel like just about any kind of processed food will travel straight to your butt, and that it can be difficult to trim fat off an area used mostly for sitting. Thankfully, there are some ways you can take on this boss battle and come out on top over time.

Donkey Butt Boss Battle: “Bananas” for your Booty

They may not be bananas, but these foods can give you a boost in your boss battle.

They may not be bananas, but these foods can give you a boost in your boss battle.

Much like with the Bowser Belly boss battle, there are some foods that, when paired with proper exercise, can help you lose weight in your backside.

Good Unsaturated Fats

It is important to remember not all kinds of fats are your enemies. While it can be dangerous and cause you to backpedal if you eat too much of any kind of fat, it is important to keep a healthy dose of fats in your diet. These better-than-other fats will help keep your energy up, keep your metabolism steady, and even provide you with healthy digestion. Salmon, olives (and olive based products), nuts, and avocados are a few examples of fats that can help you stay up and at em’ while taking on your boss battle.

Spice it up!

Get your metabolism moving faster with some foods that pack heat. Your metabolism is crucial to helping you lose weight while you exercise, as it helps you burn the food you have eaten. Some foods you can eat to help boost your metabolism include red pepper flakes, chili peppers, garlic, and even ginger.

Donkey Butt Boss Battle: Move Those Barrels Swiftly

Buff those buns with some high intensity interval training! No barrels required!

Buff those back barrels with some high intensity interval training

While you may not be working with literal barrels, or any other items depending on how you choose to partake in this next tip, you will need to move quickly in order to really bring on the butt burn for your boss battle. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an interesting kind of workout technique growing in popularity. It is essentially a strategy in which you alternate periods of low to moderate intensity of workouts with bouts of high intensity work outs.

This can turn ordinary squats and more into highly active and potent workout sessions. There are many different ways to go about HIIT, and sites have full day by day instructions that you can follow if you would like to start taking part in HIIT.

Donkey Butt Boss Battle: Work with an Animal Buddy

I guess DK didn't get the memo on this boss battle (Diddy did though!)

I guess DK didn’t get the memo on this boss battle (Diddy did though!)

Even Donkey Kong needs the help of an animal friend from time to time. These companions help him get through tough obstacles and reach places he could not have reached on his own. While our own furry companions may not be able to destroy evil crocodiles or blast through rocks, they can give incredible support to their human friends. Especially when it comes to dogs in workout settings. When you pair this companionship with some forms of running, you get an exercise that is good for you, good for your pooch, and great for your mentality.

One great way to make use of this boss battle tactic is to take a long walk or run with your four legged friend. Running helps you burn calories and fat in almost all parts of your body, including your butt. If you have an active dog, then he or she will most likely happily keep in step with you (or ahead of you as you go). That goofy doggy smile is likely to help urge you to keep on moving, and if they are a puller, they could always drag you along a little until you get your mojo back. Regardless of how they pull it off, dogs can be wonderfully supportive without even realizing it. It’s no wonder Donkey Kong chooses to work alongside so many animals!

Donkey Butt Boss Battle: Blast Away Bad Foods

Blast those bad fats away!

Blast those bad fats away!

One of the best things that you can do for your boss battle with Donkey Butt is actually one of  the easiest. Simply cut out unhealthy foods from your diet. Fats store in many different places in the body, but one of the most likely places for fats from starchy carbs tend to build up in the butt. Starchy carbs include foods like pasta, potatoes, bread, and rice. While these foods are necessary for a healthy diet, it can be very easy to go overboard on these foods.

There are many other foods containing mass amounts of bad fats that could be rid of in order to aid in your boss battle. Fast food, mass amounts of dairy, greasy foods, candy, and many other sweets are examples of foods people often eat way more of than what is needed for a balanced diet.

Donkey Butt Boss Battle: Final Words

Much like the Bowser Belly boss battle, this is not a complete list of everything that can be done to combat donkey butt. This boss battle can also not be fought with just one method. Both good exercise and healthy eating habits must be combined in order to trim fat and keep it off. But with proper care and dedication, everyone can win their boss battle against the dreaded donkey butt.


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