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Meat Chips: The go to Snack while Gaming to become the Hulk or Guile


Meat Chips are a chicken corn chip flavored snack to help with your gains in the gym. The summer is coming around and you’re going to need to get the right amount of carbs and protein to meet the fitness goals you’re trying to strive for this summer. Recently, we reached out to Meat Chips CEO Danny Fillmore about the protein infused snack helping gamers reach their goals at the gym.

Snacking is a huge issue when playing games and often times we never really notice what we put into our bodies with every snack that enters our mouth. Well, its time to be more health conscious.Now, just hearing the word Meat Chips might sound pretty disgusting Here is what he had to say.

GFN: Where did the idea for Meat Chips come from?

Danny: By Accident, when smoking meat and realized that we had a great name and modified the product..

GFN: Protein chicken chips sounds weird to the average Joe. How do you compete with the fatter chips like Doritos? Do these chips taste that good? 

Danny: Chicken and Corn Chips with seasoning are amazing! We are a brand that when discovered fits most all consumer lifestyles. Many of the people we are target love our chips since the advantage of oils (Not being made with unhealthy oils) and our ingredients are real (No Fluff). We want consumers to be thrown off by the name; It creates curiosity to say the least!

GFN: Where will Meat Chips be available at?  

Danny: Currently, Meat Chips is found in about 70 locations in the greater Phoenix area. We have put in a lot of footwork to get into select 7-11, AM-PM, LA Fitness GYMS and many nutritional stores. We are currently working ON regional roll outs with one of the largest grocery store chains in the nation. We are hoping for that roll out within the next 30-60 days.

GFN: What kind of protein is used in these chips? Is it whey or another source?

Danny: No way no Whey, only all white chicken breast.

GFN: With summer around the corner and many people trying to get their beach bodies, where can Meat Chips help them in their fitness goals?

Danny: Sustainable food to keep you going! Protein and Carbs are the essentials to any fitness goals.

GFN: Lastly, we focus on gaming and health. What video game character do you see eating this chips to get the advantage on enemies? Is there one video game character that you think is a closet gym rat?

Danny: The video game character we envision that would eat our chips in advantage to the enemy would definitely be the Hulk. We could see the hulk eating our chips and transforming into the beast he is! The closest character to a gym rat would definitely be Guile from Street Fighter. His military background and pure size shows he is constantly in the gym.

Well, Meat Chips sounds like a good alternative to those fatty Doritos that most are accustomed to eating. Add in a bottle of water and you’ve got yourself a delectable snack for gaming. This gives you all the fuel you need. Be sure to check out more on Meat Chips here.

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