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11 Video Game Characters for Fitness Inspiration

by on June 26, 2015

From soldiers to sorcerers, these video game characters have the ultimate bodies of fitness to inspire both guys and girls to become GamerFit.

1. Jin - Tekken


Jin, Tekken protagonist, definitely earns the “fit” title with his ripped physique. He is notably muscular, with a low body fat percentage thanks to his years of hard training in martial arts.


2. Guile - Street Fighter


This American military man seems as if he’d need to hit the gym every single day of his life to get to where he is, but Guile was a trainee in the United States Air Force. Thanks to his fighting forms, you can see his abs and pecs even through his shirt!


3. Cammy - Street Fighter


Cammy could be seen as the female version of Guile. Her flawless, toned physique must come from her extensive training from both Delta Red and Shadaloo.


4. Chris Redfield – Resident Evil


Chris represents yet another active and strong military character that’s been well-trained in hand-to-hand and knife combat. He stays fit and builds muscle mass through his demanding physical training.


5. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider


With all the outdoor adventures Lara does as an archaeologist, it’s no wonder she keeps her slender yet strong physique. Lara was a gymnast when she was younger, which may be how she is able to jump, climb, and scramble as easily as she does while maintaining her slim, yet fierce figure.


6. Liu Kang – Mortal Kombat


Liu, the Bruce Lee imitation, is a tough warrior that has tons of experience in combat training. He possesses incredible agility, and acrobatic and martial arts skills. Regularly meditate like Liu in order to keep increasing strength as well as maintain it. Namaste!


7. The Prince - Prince of Persia


This gifted athlete and swordsman protagonist has a great physique. Through his swordplay and physical prowess in combat he becomes remarkably muscular and toned.


8. Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid


Former spy and special operations soldier, Snake has spent most of his life on the battlefield. Although he was born with Big Boss’s “flawed recessive genes,” Snake is an expert of high-altitude skydiving, linguistics, closed-circuit open-circuit combat diving, and free climbing. This must be how his muscles are even identified through his bullet-proof attire.


9. Sheva - Resident Evil 


Sheva is a versatile fighter with extensive experience. Although she is small, she is pretty flexible and handy with firearms. Sheva shows you don’t have to be bulky to be physically fit!


10. Illidan Stormrage - World of Warcraft


A powerful sorcerer and warrior, Illidan is skilled in melee combat, which may explain how he is gifted with insane muscle mass and the ideal 8-pack abs. Maybe it’s due to the absorption of demonic energies he is capable of, which then transforms him into a more powerful shadow demon form (with more muscles).


11. Kratos - God of War


This picture speaks for itself. Just take a minute to become inspired, then immediately get up to work out and lift weights. Train like a Spartan and work on strength, agility, stamina, durability, endurance, reflexes and speed. Make Kratos proud!

Written by: Amairani Aleman

Edited by: Emily Deaton

Don’t Just Be Fit. Be Gamer Fit.


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  • 808bushmon

    I like the list but you can’t forget Cole Train!?! (Gears of War)

    • Amairani Aleman

      Haha sorry about that! I was debating about adding either Cole or Marcus Fenix, but didn’t do it either in the end. Thank you for reading and adding to the list though!