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Fast Food Battle: The Health Strategy Guide

by on June 1, 2015

Let’s face it. Fast food tastes great even if it’s horrible for you. Although I strongly encourage you to join in on the fight against fast food, they happen to be on every corner of every street – there’s almost no escaping them. It’s like your very own PvE experience, and it can be pretty hard to resist and win the battle.

You might wonder how it’s possible to eat healthy when you and your gamer friends visit fast food restaurants. Fortunately, there are healthy fast food options available! Here’s the game plan on choosing alternative lunch/dinner menu items at popular fast food restaurants for a healthier and happier you. Have it your way – the healthy way!

1. McDonald’smcd

  • Hamburger

You can’t go too wrong with an original, classic hamburger. Lowest in calories and sodium from all other burgers on the menu.

  • Premium McWrap Sweet Chili Chicken (Grilled)

This is a good 400 calories consisting of protein, low fat, and even some vegetables. A pretty decent Mickey D’s option if you must have a wrap, but beware the horrendous amount of sodium!

  • Any McSalad

Yes. You read that McRight. You can choose from ANY of the 4 good salads they have, but lean towards the salads that have grilled chicken, like the Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken, for the least amount of fat and the most amount of protein. Also, ask for dressing on the side and avoid drowning your salad with dressing. It should be salad with a hint of dressing, not dressing with a hint of salad.

  • Peeled Apple Slices (Side)

You guessed it! French fries did NOT make it on the healthy choice list, but thank goodness for fresh apples slices. Easy way to take in some Vitamin C.

2. Burger King


  • WHOPPER JR. Sandwich

Best choice by far out of all the Whopper sandwiches. Ordering it without Mayo can save you from the extra unnecessary calories, fat, and sodium!

  • Hamburger

Well, hello again! Hamburgers really are the healthier burgers compared to all the other flame broiled burgers on the BK menu.

  • BK Veggie Burger

This vegetable-filled burger is a great, nutritious alternative and is under 400 calories. However, nothing is perfect - take note on its high amount of sodium.

  • Chicken Apple & Cranberry Garden Fresh Salad with TENDERGRILL

Very filling, fruity salad with least amount of calories from fat, total fat, and sodium. If you must have your dressing, then order it on the side.

  • Ranch or Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Wrap

The amount of sodium in any other wraps are just scary. These gems are the way to go.

  • Apple Slices (Side)

Slices of apples - a way better decision than French fries.

3. Taco Bell


  • Fresco Soft Taco – Shredded Chicken or Steak

Taco Bell was generous enough to provide us with a menu with actual healthy choices! These choices fall under the “Fresco Menu” and are low in calories, total fat, and sodium.

  • Fresco Style Gordita Supreme – Chicken or Steak

When ordering “Fresco Style” you are replacing any fattening mayo based sauces, guacamole, and reduced-fat sour cream and cheese with delicious and nutritious pico de gallo.

  • Fresco Style Grilled Steak Soft Taco

Another great taco choice with lower calories, total fat, and sodium compared to most other fresco style tacos.

  • Fresco Style Spicy Tostada

Have you ever tried the Spicy Tostada? It’s light on your stomach, but is packed with flavor. Awesome choice to satisfy your Taco Bell cravings.

  • Black Beans (Side)

Yum! Order this along with your tacos for added fiber and possibly a pleasant trip to the restroom. Ahhhh.

4. Chick-fil-A


  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Low in calories and fat, and good amount of protein. Comes with lettuce and tomato which provides you with some Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

  • Grilled Market Salad

Here we have a healthy variety of fruits and veggies ranging from romaine lettuce and red bell peppers to blueberries and strawberries. Mixed in with chicken allows for a great amount of protein with lots of vitamins. Take it easy with the dressing though!

  • Grilled Nuggets

From the nugget section you should go for the grilled kind. These unique looking nuggets are lower in calories, fat, and sodium compared to the crispy kind. The 8-count is best – you can live without 4 extra nuggets, trust me. Order a side (which is right below) for a complete meal.

  • Fruit Cup (Side)

Some of your daily dose of fruit prepared nicely in a cup. Eating fruit can’t get any easier than that. Lots of health benefits with this alternative to French fries.

  • Side Salad (Side)

Similar to the fruit cup, this is some of your daily dose of vegetables prepared nicely in a small bowl. Lots of vegetable variety to go along with your meal.

5. Subway


  • Mini Sub

Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Veggie Delite. These are all mini subs that ensures you don’t overeat. Fill it up with vegetables and you are nutritionally good to go!

  • 6” Sub

Veggie Delite, Turkey Breast, Roast Beef, Oven Roasted Chicken. Lots of healthy options to choose from so you can’t go wrong here! Avoid the footlong subs (they are large enough for 2 people!).

  • Choosing Bread

9-Grain Wheat, Honey Oat, Sourdough. Small changes make big results.

  • Choosing Cheese

Provolone and Swiss are the healthier choices because they fall under the low fat and sodium category.

  • Choosing Condiments

Yellow Mustard, Deli Brown Mustard, or Vinegar. These are better choices from any other condiments Subway provides because of their low sodium and calorie content and lack of sugar.


Written By: Amairani Aleman


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