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Arnold Schwarzenegger: He’s Back Baby

by on July 1, 2015

As we all know, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a powerful motivator that possesses years and years of experience and wisdom. Without a doubt, he is an idol to countless people worldwide and continues to inspire more people with his latest interview with Muscle & Fitness magazine, issued June 2015.


Arnold reveals to Muscle & Fitness magazine that he found the key to achieving your long-term goals: simply ask yourself “what you can do today that can help you take the next step tomorrow and beyond.” In his experience, his answer was bodybuilding. At a young age, he reasoned that if he continued to do what he is passionate about and it supported him with muscles and confidence, he would surely become noticed and make a pathway to America. He knew what he wanted to become: a movie star, a businessman, and a political leader. By creating and achieving short-term goals, it gradually becomes easier to visualize how to obtain long-term success and happiness.

Chairman and CEO of American Media, David J. Pecker, has described Arnold as one who is always on the move, physically and mentally. Never-resting Arnold always strives for more “from bodybuilding to acting, from acting to politics, from politics, to environmental activism,” and back to working on his acting career with today’s release of Terminator Genisys. Follow in Arnold’s footsteps and find your drive to keep moving forward.

arnold workout

Fortunate Editor-in-Chief of Muscle & Fitness, Shawn Perine, spent some time with Arnold at the gym and gave readers an insight on Arnold’s workout routine to shape up for his movie. Even at 67, he continues to pump iron on a near-daily basis, no matter his location. He adapts to training in a broad range of gyms, even at the gym in New Orleans which Perine describes as “a gym better suited for soccer moms.” To Arnold, it’s about the intensity of your workout, not about the equipment. Perine mentions how fast Arnold’s training is as he performs quick reps on the shoulder press machine, taking almost no rests between sets. With passion in his eyes, Arnold then continues to into a machine-based circuit, training every part of his body for the next 45 minutes. To finish up, he performs 10 sets of squats using a 275-pound bar. What a beast!

Now comes the post-workout meal. After a heavy workout, how would you imagine Arnold’s meal? Surprisingly, on that noted day, he ate a bowl of fruits and oatmeal. Arnold states how eating heavily in the morning is not his thing, and he knows that he consumes enough protein later in his day to replenish his body. As you can see, the Governator has had steady plans on his workouts, nutrition, and life-long dreams. Strive for your dreams like Arnold has and don’t forget to watch his hard work unfold in Terminator: Genisys today, July 1st.

Written by: Amairani Aleman

Edited by: Emily Deaton

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