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Boss Battle: Tackle the Zeus Thunder Thighs!

by on July 20, 2015

The mighty god of thunder has some pretty powerful thighs on him. These intense thunder thighs are the things many gamers dream to have in their fit lifestyles, but getting them can be harder than fighting Zeus himself. Even though they can take time and dedication to get, having muscle toned thunder thighs are well worth the work. We are here to give you some tips on how to take on your boss battle to get thunder thighs!

Thunder Thighs Boss Battle: Prepare for War

Before you get to the boss battle, you've got to prepare yourself with smaller battles.

Before you get to the boss battle with thunder thighs, you’ve got to prepare yourself with smaller battles.

An important part of any work out and body building endeavor is to make sure that your body is prepared for the work that you are about to put it through. Running your body through an intensive workout without preparing it is likely to lead you to discomfort, pain, and even injury. Even the mighty Kratos likely had to build his way up to the power house he is today.

So how can you prepare yourself for a boss battle with, or to get, thunder thighs? First, be sure you get plenty of sleep. Working out with a tired mind and tired muscles can cause you to wear down faster and lose more energy. Second, make sure you are properly hydrated so that your muscles can get the moisture and oxygen that they need to keep going. Third, be sure to stretch before your workout. Proper stretching will loosen up your muscles so they are not tight while you are trying to work them. While these may seem like small and simple things, it is good to know the basics before charging into any boss battle.

Thunder Thighs Boss Battle: Cardio Paralysis

The thunder thighs boss battle isn't one that can be won by running it into a wall.

The thunder thighs boss battle isn’t one that can be won by running, even if it is into a wall.

If you are wanting to bulk up your thunder thighs, then cardio may not be the best route to take. There have been numerous suggestions that cardio actually makes legs thinner, even though it does have it’s benefits in other exercise areas. That being said, cardio could be a set back to the thunder thighs boss battle, unless you’re trying to get rid of them of course.

However, this doesn’t mean that cardio has to be cut out completely. If you’re an avid runner who wants to build some bulk in your thighs, then you can still run. All you have to do is cut back on how much or how often you take your runs. Doing this, you can also shift your focus to other exercises that will increase the amount of muscle that your legs have.

Thunder Thighs Boss Battles: Bring the Thunder

Thunder Thighs like Zeus's take a lot of dedication and hard work to get.

Thunder Thighs like Zeus’s take a lot of dedication and hard work to get.

Working hard at your workouts can greatly help your thunder thighs boss battle. Squats, weight machine workouts, lunges, and other common leg work outs can be bolstered when working out hard. When you work out, be sure to do plenty of reps of whatever work out you are doing.

Even though pushing your body is helpful, it can still be harmful if you go too far. Be sure to constantly keep track of how your body is feeling, and stop if you are feeling unwell. Up your reps slowly and don’t suddenly give your body multiple reps at once. One way to up your reps is increase them by five each week. It is also good to not exercise every single day, doing this can increase your likeliness to get injured.

Thunder Thighs Boss Battle: Buddy Up

Even Zeus needs some back up every now and then.

Even Zeus needs some back up every now and then.

Kratos may have not had many friends at his side, but Zeus had plenty of other gods to depend on to fight. Many workouts follow a similar theme, and there are enough of them out there for there to be something for everyone. With that being said, it can be an excellent idea to bring a friend, or two or more, with you in order to bolster motivation for your thunder thighs battle.

Sometimes it is the little things that can help tip a battle. Having a friend with you can do many things. First, it can boost your mentality about the workout, giving you support and encouragement as you go on. Second, it gives you someone to watch your back in case you take on more than you can handle. Having someone there to both support and keep an eye on you can make a real change to your workout. Not only that, but it will also make your workout fun and more enjoyable.

Thunder Thighs Boss Battle: Final Words

Boss battles can be a tricky thing, and thunder thighs are no exception. While this list does not encompass everything, it does offer suggestions to help you get on with your boss battle and tackle the challenges that the workouts throw your way.


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