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Get Your Game on to These Work Out Tracks!

by on August 14, 2015

Adding music to a work out routine is a great way to boost your motivation and give your mind something to focus on aside from the soreness of your muscles bulking up. Here, we are going to list off a few great video game tracks to listen to while you’re pumping iron, running, or even doing squats.

Video Game Work Out Tracks - “Kid Icarus Underworld”

This track hails from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl video game. It’s upbeat tempo makes it a perfect candidate to go running to or give you a boost of confidence while doing your routine. As the song goes on, it changes to fit the moods of your mind, especially when listening to an extended edition of the track.

Video Game Work Out Tracks - “Mass Destruction”

“Mass Destruction” is the track that you often hear during a battle during the hit PlayStation 2 title, Persona 3. This bouncy jazz/rap-esq track is fast paced and extremely catchy, excellent for reeling your mind back into memories of the game while working out. It could even pull you into your own mental world of beefing up to fend off ferocious creatures.

Video Game Work Out Tracks - “Rave On”

This intense track from the cult classic Killer 7 is an excellent addition to your workout playlist. Exciting and well put together, this track is actually used in a very short segment of the game itself, despite being a longer track. Regardless, “Rave On” is a title that will have you raving as you work your body to be its best!

Video Game Work Out Tracks - “Hyper P.T.A.”

Danganronpa 2 is the video game that gives us this next work out track. This one is another mostly upbeat track, but with a slightly disorienting beat that stays through most of the track. It is used when you are trying to convince the culprit of a murder to admit that they did the heinous crime. For you however; it can be your motivation to keep on going.

Video Game Work Out Tracks - “Those Who Fight Further”

Coming to you from the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII, this track is one that belongs to the Black Mages. This rock like song is perfect for those of you who are hard core about your workout. The guitar that plays during this track is incredible, as well as all of the other instruments that meld together to make up one incredible song.

Video Game Work Out Tracks - “Simple and Clean” (Fast Version)

An iconic track from the high selling Kingdom Hearts, the fast version of this song is an inspiring one to listen to while you are going through your routine. It has an interesting mix of energy and relaxation, which can really get your mind moving while the rest of your body follows suit!

Video Game Work Out Tracks - “Reach Out to the Truth”

A pop-rock-like song, “Reach Out to the Truth” accompanies you as you tear through enemies in Persona 4. Gorgeous guitar chords pair perfectly with the singers, who bring forth a song that sounds encouraging and strong. Be sure to take this one with you on your runs as well as your trips to the gym (in home or out).

Video Game Work Out Tracks - Final Words

These songs are just a few of thousands of tracks that would be right at home on a playlist for working out. So many composers create video game tracks that can easily become work out tracks to get you over the hurdles in your challenging or relaxed routine. Feel free to tell us some of your favorite video game tracks that would be perfect for a workout playlist!

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