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Votable Launches its Third Gaming Charity Event for Syrian Refugees

by on November 10, 2015

UHC Votable Season 3

What’s the Votable UHC Season 3 about?

What’s better than playing video games or donating to an awesome charity?   BOTH at the same time!  Which is exactly what Votable had in mind when hosting its third Ultra Hardcore MineCraft Battle Arena event!   Votable is a new rising social media platform designed for new YouTubers and content creators.  Partnering up with the Justice Network, Votable has created an event that’s quite entertaining. The event contains a large amount of teams, including many fan favorites. However, the most intriguing part of the event is that it can be influenced by donations.  By donating to the event, you can cause both positive and negative effects to the players participating in the competition. If you are interested, the instruction video can be found here.

Votable Justice Network and Syrian Relief Team Logos

All About the Donations

All proceeds this time around are in support of International Relief Teams For Syrian Refugees.  The event can be viewed at, so you can see the effects of your donations immediately.   You can donate without affecting the competition, but with so many options why resist?   You can donate to give your favorite team a variety of items including, iron, reeds, enchanted books, potions, and even diamonds.   If your team gets taken out, you can get a little revenge by donating to drop hostile mobs on the enemy team.  Options include the following: pigmen, witches, and poison cave spiders.

The event started earlier this year to help bring the entire Votable community together and stimulate its growth.  Since then, the event has nearly doubled in size every season and raised over $5,000.

What’s in it for the Winners? | NoScope

Winning always gives you bragging rights.  However, what would a friendly competition be without an awesome prize?   This season, the winners of the entire event get sick eye ware from this season’s sponsor, NoScope.  Not only are these devices stylish, but they filter out straining blue lights emitted by our computer monitors making it easier to focus on the game.

So if you like MineCraft and want to help out a great cause, head over to and check out the event.

NoScope logo

Votable Example of NoScope Glasses