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Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus: September 2014

by on September 6, 2014

Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus is back for another round for the month of September. Summer is leaving and Fall has now arrived. Even though this season boasts a lot of heavy hitters to pick up, who does not want free games and discounts? Last month, Games with Gold provided classic exclusives along with a recent game to add to your library, and PlayStation Plus added some triple-A games and popular Japanese favs to their August line-up. Let’s take a look what the two services have to offer and which comes out on top and give you a bang for your buck.

Games with Gold Line Up


Xbox One Games With Gold

With a new month comes new free games to add to your Xbox gaming collection, but this month Xbox One owners are slighted as they only get one new game. Crimson Dragon is still up for grabs if you didn’t get a chance to play. Super Strike force, a side-scrolling shooter, will replace Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut. The contra/metal slug looking arcade side-scrolling shooting platform adventure looks like it can bring on some old school felt fun. What is interesting about Super Strike force is that you have to traverse through different stages set it time periods with each stage having their own distinct theme. The game also uses crazy time mechanics to beat each level.

Xbox 360 Games with Gold

games-halo-reach-1920x1080-hd-widescreen-picture-hot-wallpaper-544375-91067751 Xbox 360 owners seem to be on the winning side when it comes to Games with Gold, as owners get another triple-A title and Xbox 360 exclusive:  Halo Reach (September 16th). The second title is  Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine,  from Pocketwatch Games.  A top down view stealth game where you execute heists in different locations like banks, jewelry stores, and even nightclubs. Levels are designed craftily like a blueprint  You get to choose to play as one of the eight specialized characters. Multiplayer coop is available as well, 2 - 4 players. 

 PlayStation Plus Line Up

games with gold

PlayStation 4 PlayStation Plus

The drop on PlayStation’s free-games line up remains with six games per month and a hefty amount of indies. PS4 owners will be able to download Velocity 2X, the successor to Velocity on PlayStation 3. Players will get  to play as a heroine that blast through puzzles in this 2D shooter. Samus anyone ? The game releases September 2nd, and as a PS ‘Plus’ you will be the first to own free. The second titled offered is  Sportsfriends, which is a quirky indie title were you can play local multiplayer retro style sports like games, including BaraBariBall, a QWOP-like pole vault dueling game Super Pole Riders, Hokra, and  Joust.

PlayStation 3 PlayStation Plus

PlayStation 3 owners will get in on a PlayStation exclusive that pays homage to many of the PlayStation family: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. If you missed out on the PlayStation Smash-Bros-like fighter, you’ll be able to download it for your PS3. It will also be a cross buy for your PlayStation Vita. The game is best played in multiplayer. It’s fun to compete against your friends-list with. PS3’s second title is Hoard, a fast-paced arcade game.

PlayStation Vita PlayStation Plus

Vita owners are the biggest winners among the PS Family as they receive fours titles, including PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and if you own a PS3 will be able to play against either and download for cross-buy cross-play battles. Next is the indie title TxK which is a 90’s style galactic laser light shooter and then Joe Danger, which makes its official release on to the handheld.

Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus Conclusion:

This month cooled off when it comes to delivering some heavy hitters, but I must say, this was the month for the indies which is great, right ? Since the next-gen consoles are in their crawling stage, this is a great time for indies to get everyone’s attention. Don’t fret, because a lot of them are pretty fun. For Game with Gold the love for indies is being shown but no love for the Xbox One getting a second game as a Gold member. At least Super Strike Force wins over last month’s Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut any day. Let’s hope Xbox can give in a bit and let their ID crew add to the free games roster for Games with Gold Xbox One for a change. Now to all of you bickering on how PlayStation Plus is a waste because once the subscription is over you cannot play it, well, news flash the same policy goes with Games with Gold Xbox One, not Xbox 360 though. Speaking of the Xbox 360, you owners will receive Halo Reach for a free game this month which is a plus in my opinion. Then the indie title Monaco: What’s Your Is Mine is a puzzle game to add on a different gaming touch of unlocking puzzles.

For PlayStation Plus the indie love was at an all time high as well. Sony sticks with their six games every month without skipping a beat, but in actuality gives nine. What is interesting again this month is another game release was featured within the free games line up, Velocity 2X. This looks like it can be a growing trend for indie devs. For PlayStation 3, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale joined the roster as a good added touch to give an exclusive. Both PS4 and PS3 shared the quirky Sportsfriends, which I am pretty sure is ever more fun while intoxicated at a party for local play. Vita receive the most with four titles total because of cross buy titles. Because of so many indie title from both, I would have to say this month is a tie.

Source: PlayStation Blog, Major Nelson

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  • andy

    Yeah a tie. 3 games against 9 games (which you said yourself) is a friggin tie. I don’t even.

    • Ian Upthagrove

      Well since Super Time Force is by far the best game of all of them listed I would say that’s fair.Halo Reach is easily the 2nd best game on the list even if it is old. It’s also 4 games. Crimsons Dragon, Super Time Force, Halo Reach and Monaco.