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Gravity Ghost Review: Did It Launch into Orbit or Fall to Earth?

by onJanuary 29, 2015
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January 26, 2015


Gravity Ghost is a newly released indie game that places you in control of a young ghost girl named Iona. Iona wakes up as a ghost in space one day and watches sadly as her ghost fox friend, Voy, drifts away and vanishes. This sets you off on an adventure with Iona in order to find Voy, piece together a broken world and save various animal spirits that are adrift in space. Is Gravity Ghost an indie game that rises in the ranks of indie-developed games, or does it fall short and plummet back to Earth? Let’s check it out!

Gravity Ghost: Gameplay

Carry Animal Spirits back to their bodies in your hair!

Carry animal spirits back to their bodies in your hair!

Gravity Ghost is insanely fun to play! The controls are simple: you use your space bar to jump and the left and right keys to move around planets and orbit them. You gain power-ups along the way, which utilize the up, down and E keys on the keyboard and enhance the fun of this charming adventure.

The main goal of each level in Gravity Ghost is to propel Iona through space in order to collect flowers that extend the length of Iona’s hair, stars which open the door to leave the level, and sometimes animal spirits that must be returned to their bodies. The length of Iona’s hair is an important element to keep an eye on during gameplay because it is what you need in order to use the powers of the elements that Iona picks up along the way. These elements allow you to terraform planets into different forms, which can greatly help you collect everything in a level.

Animal spirits give you a strand of flowers to pick up once they are returned to their bodies, as well as allow you to view a cutscene at the end of the level in which they are reunited with their bodies. These cutscenes delve into Iona’s past and help you realize how everything in the game connects.

Orbiting around the planets is easily one of the most fun things in Gravity Ghost. When you leap off of a planet and into orbit, Iona spreads her cloak-like wings and soars around the planets. It gives you a sense of flight as you are maneuvering around the planets, and the many power-ups give you almost limitless ways to float and fly around the stage. The sensation that it gives you makes it a very fun game to replay over and over again.

Overall, the gameplay for Gravity Ghost is amazing. It is intense, yet relaxing. Levels are challenging, but not so difficult that you have to leave the game in frustration before continuing.

Gravity Ghost: Graphics and Sound

The Mouse Guardian telling Iona about the elements

The Mouse Guardian telling Iona about the elements

Gravity Ghost is a beautiful game to play all around. The characters and cutscenes have a paper cutout look to them, which, combined with the colors of the game, makes it stunning in its own way. Gravity Ghost makes use of a large assortment of colors to truly bring these characters and scenes to life. Even in space, the worlds, animal spirits, guardians and even the flowers have such a nice splash of color that the whole experience is pleasing to the eye. This is especially true when you’ve gotten Iona’s hair to be exceptionally long and it trails behind you like a comet’s tail.

Adding onto the beauty of Gravity Ghost is the soundtrack. The music that plays while you zoom through space is so relaxing, yet invigorating. It sounds exactly like what you would expect to hear while a young ghost girl is flying through space. The music is fun and gorgeous, adding onto the fun and thrill of sailing through the cosmos.

Gravity Ghost: Story

Eddy (right) comforting Hickory (left) after the death of her parents.

Eddy (right) comforting Hickory (left) after the death of her parents.

For the most part, Gravity Ghost executes the story very well. What seems like a simple story of a girl who is looking for her missing friend ends up being a much deeper story revolving around Iona’s family and how she spent her life with them. Iona meets up with several animal guardians who serve as protectors of space and help Iona rebuild her world that was swallowed up by a black hole.

Iona’s story is told heavily through flashback scenes that narrate what happened shortly before her death. Through it, we see Iona’s older sister Hickory try to raise Iona and her two younger sisters, Pepper and Sorel, after the premature death of their parents. They are joined by a poacher, Sal, an elderly woman, Eddy, and Hickory’s boyfriend, Andrew. All of the narratives of these characters are intricately woven together and told in a story that truly pulls off an impressive, moving and shocking end.

However, elements of the story are where I have my only issue with Gravity Ghost. The voice acting isn’t the best, giving you some scenes where the characters have no emotion in their voice at all during critical points in the game. On top of that, there are some voices that do not seem like they go well with the characters. The biggest problem is definitely the delivery and, at times, the script that goes with the story.

Some of the things the characters say come completely out of the blue or are so subtle that it is easy to mistake what they say or what is really going on at the moment. A couple of lines seem so far out there that you wonder if they even need to be there in the first place. I remember watching a couple of the cutscenes and having to rewatch them again after the entire game was done just to get the point of one small reference. Even with the final scenes of the game in mind, one scene still left me completely unsure of what was going on, and some others are still a major stretch of assumption. It gets better after the first third of the game, but I can honestly say that if the other elements had not been as impressive as they were, I probably would have stopped playing before giving the rest of the game a chance.

Iona and Voy as they were before becoming ghosts.

Iona and Voy as they were before becoming ghosts.

Edited by: Avery Osborn

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  • Incredibly fun gameplay with plenty of upgrades.
  • Beautiful design with some unique and wonderful choices put into development.
  • Stellar music to accompany your journey.
  • An overall good story that will, most likely, leave your jaw hanging.
  • Cons
  • Voice acting needs improvement; some lines are delivered with no emotion at all when intense emotion should be prevalent.
  • Some of the script lies on the ridiculous and/or confusing side.
  • Due to the above two, you do not get the in-depth knowledge of some characters that is required to make some of the connections in the story.
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    Gamer Score

    Final Verdict

    While the voice acting and delivery on parts of the story can be extremely wobbly and at times trying, Gravity Ghost is a blast to play with a story that really brings it home during the last parts of the game. There is a good chance you will cry at the end, so keep some tissues nearby.  The games site is planning to offer Buy One Get One Free on Gravity Ghost forever, so head on over to the shop with a friend.