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Metal Gear Solid Without Kojima? Time To Go “!”

by onMarch 28, 2015

It looks as if Konami and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima are going their separate ways, with the multi-million copy selling franchise staying with the publisher while Kojima and his development studio get shown the door. Reasons for the split aren’t exactly clear, but speculation ranges all over the map. Some rumors have the reasons being Kojima wanting to quit making games in the popular series (something he’s said in the past) and Konami wanting to keep the series going even if it meant its creator getting the slow boot. Other rumors say Konami wants to take MGS mobile as Japan is experiencing a massive surge in phone and tablet successes while console and PC games are struggling. Again, these are only online rumors and wild guesses. Both Konami and Kojima are being very tight-lipped about what’s taking place, but this only fuels the fires of speculation which grow higher and hotter daily.

As of last week, the words “A Hideo Kojima Game” and “Kojima Studios” no longer appear on the Metal Gear Solid V official site or current press materials. Additionally, Konami Japan is in the process of looking for a new studio or individuals to staff a studio in order to create a new entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.


Kojima himself has been pretty silent, with a sole cryptic tweet some have deciphered as him jetting off for greener pastures once Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is completed. Konami has said via its Japanese twitter account that Kojima is still working on The Phantom Pain with his team as they finish up things for the game’s September release. After that, no one but Kojima and Konami know what’s next. Some bigger questions come to mind about this “split” that gamers have been asking since the news dropped last week. What will happen to the Silent Hills project with Guillermo Del Toro? Will Kojima work on other projects for Konami or is he headed elsewhere? Will any reissues of the Metal Gear or Metal Gear Solid series also lose his and the Kojima Productions name?


For my money, the best thing to do is wait out what’s taking place now until one or both sides (preferably both) can reveal what actually took place. Granted, legal agreements may stop some of that news from making the news. However, getting caught up in the not so quiet storm of over-speculation, pissed off gamers arguing over nothing they know the truth about and other nonsense just means less time to play and enjoy games. I could sit for hours and ramble on about this topic and what I think is going on, but at the end of the day, it’s best to let the situation play out and wait for the facts to drop. I’m sure it will be a story worth hearing in full without the usual internet noise blocking what truly needs to be heard. If Metal Gear Solid V is truly the final game from Kojima Productions for Konami, I’d rather save up my energy to play and savor every moment of that than rant about whatever perceived injustices Kojima and his studio have suffered in what looks like a pretty nasty divorce.

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