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House of Wolves Thoughts: No Raid, No way


Recently, it was announced that Destiny will be releasing their newest DLC House of wolves. House of Wolves which features new single player missions, as well as multiplayer modes to help bring content to a game that really needs it. Destiny players have been longing for something more to continue their endgame activities and they may very well have it. Destiny, although a fun game to play, gets extremely repetitive when trying to grind for gear and new upgrade materials. The last DLC The Dark Below left players wanting more and with many glitches. Crota gave players a nice enjoyable raid that provided more of the community aspects of the game.

The problem with this latest expansion is one of the key features of the game isn’t releasing. The newest raid will not be available until a later date. That really hurts the teamwork aspect of the game as raids provided a different dimension of game play to Destiny. I can applaud Bungie for taking the time to perfect their craft but, at this point things should already be established. I really enjoyed The Dark Below and I am hoping for the best with the House of Wolves. I’ve turned my guardians back on and have begin my decent back into  the world of Destiny. Are you ready to descend into the reef? We will have a full review when the expansion launches.

Watch the video below to see more of my thoughts on the newest Destiny DLC House of Wolves. Hope you enjoy!