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You Might Want to Wait on the PS Vita Emails Offering $25 (UPDATED)

by on April 5, 2015

UPDATE! Sony Has Confirmed That It Is Legit! 

It’s a lovely Easter morning, and I woke up to an email saying that Playstation owed me a $25 check or $50 store credit (PS Vita Emails). Now what made me a little suspicious was the sender’s email address and the formatting of the message itself. The sender said it was from “ <>.” In the past, Playstation has sent out emails in regards to settlements, but there was a lot more prep to it, a company letterhead, an official website, a questionnaire, etc… In this case, the URL seems to be out dated and it’s asking you to login from the start. Now some speculate that the design of the website could be a deterrent, leading people into not making a claim. Or it could be a scam all together. Still, like some people pointed out, a few things to note are 1.) How did they get my email? 2.) How did they know this email was associated with my PSN account? 3.) How did they know I bought a Vita in June 2012?

PS VITA EmailsIn regards to questions 1 & 2, both seem similar, but not quite. See, there is a variety of ways scammers can get your email address, so this isn’t exactly uncommon. I’m pretty sure most of you received a letter from a Nigerian prince requesting money a few times. What is uncommon is that I received the email that was associated with my PSN account. Now you could say it was pure luck. Still, if it wasn’t, then maybe our emails were collected during the infamous PSN hack. If that’s the case, Sony should issue a statement to its customers letting them know that their emails are still compromised. As for question 3, (how did scammers know this email was associated with my PSN account?), it could be the luck of the draw as well, seeing that some customers have claimed they have not receive the email as of yet.

PS Vita Emails

Still, the fact that this all happen on Easter Sunday is what makes this the most suspicious. So my suggestion to you is to be patience and wait for Playstation Support and Sony to confirm before you do anything. Do not login your info, as it might contain a phishing scam. I say just wait until Monday for official word. There’s nothing wrong with a little patience.

Update: a few sites have reported about this email and the claims, Still, I don’t see anything in terms of an official confirmation. Precede as you wish.

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  • GotNews4Ya

    Honestly… Its a scam, The fact the real email associated to it was non-playstation or Sony should be the ultimate red flag, the first part of the email can be changed at the senders discretion, the second is the true email it came from.. Stay clear from this.. They might have just sent out massive emails to everyone… i mean you spam the same message to enough ppl, you are always going to get a few hits.. its a scam bud, they want your info, so they can rack up games on your account.. very very slim chance this is real, and doing it on a holiday weekend.. ehhh.. highly doubtful.

    • BlackBible

      That’s my whole point, the fact it was done on a holiday lets me to feel it could be a scam. We’ve contacted Sony to confirm with them. Until we hear back which is most likely going to be tomorrow please site tight.

  • piscx77

    is it possible that they got your email through your PSN account and they can flag when your account is accessed via a VITA?

  • piscx77

    you say that its “pure luck” that they got your email associated with your account.. i just don’t understand that. the message went to the email associated with your account. that in and of itself is the least suspicious thing about this whole rebate

  • AsianGamer

    i do not regret buying my vita

    • Nonscpo


  • Unit076

    It looked scam-y, but apparently the site has been updated with better layout and a PDF claim form which you have to print and mail it yourself to Sony.

    I like my Vita but $25 voucher never hurt (although sending in physical mail could be a hassle since I’m oversea)

  • tplarkin7

    It’s way too wordy to be legit. This is an obvious scam.

  • Nonscpo

    This is why we can’t have nice things :(

  • BlackBible

    Great news Guys Sony has confirmed with us it’s legit