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Bloodborne Review PS4 Not for the Faint of Heart

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Bloodborne is the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive to come out. Does it live up to the demon slaying hype? Let’s find out! Check out our Bloodborne review.

Bloodborne has you taking control of your very own demon slaying character on a journey to destroy the monsters of them hunt. Bloodborne is a game that requires you to take your time and have ample patience as you will have difficulty destroying many enemies. There is a lot to deal with, you must have true grit to be able to withstand it all. The game does feature two player co-op that can be obtained after reaching a certain area in the game. You can play with friends that are within a certain level range of you and that’s pretty much it. If you think you can be a level 10 and have a level 100 walk you through the game you are sadly mistaken.

Gameplay is fluid and really shows you that patience is definitely a virtue. You can run through enemies like this is your typical hack and slash but, be prepared to die and restart from the beginning multiple times. Bloodborne punishes impatience and actions of being too rash. In order to succeed you have to remember enemy patterns and stick, stick, move. It’s going to feel annoying at first but after carefully calculated hits you will finally learn the tricks of the trade.

I don’t want to spoil too much of our Bloodborne Review. So, watch our Bloodborne Review posted above!

Hope you guys enjoyed our Bloodborne review. Bloodborne was a blast to play and stressful all at the same time. I loved every minute of it! I hope you guys enjoyed the video!

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    Bloodborne is a great game from the creators of the Dark/Demon souls series. It's just the difficult that will put you through your own crucibal. If you're a fan of the souls series you're going to love this.

    • Michael Williford

      Great review! Seems very similar to Dark Souls- look forward to checking this out

      • Gregory Laporte

        Thanks bro! Glad you enjoyed the review!