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Guitar Hero Live: A Rocking Interview

by onMay 22, 2015

Gamers have not had the chance to rock out with friends in a new Guitar Hero title for quite a few years now. The once popular music game has been beginning to slip into obscurity, but a new entry in the franchise is likely to halt that slip immediately. Guitar Hero Live will be coming this fall for players of all ages to enjoy.

Guitar Hero Live will give players a completely upgraded feel to their gameplay. Through a first person perspective, players will look out into a real crowd and witness their reaction to the performance. Not only will the crowd react to how you are playing, but your band mates will too, laying on the pressure like never before. Many other new features go alongside this to fully enhance the experience.

A new guitar to play with, which splits up the buttons to easier divide between easy and hard modes, is only a small part of the added features to gameplay. Through the Guitar Hero TV component of Guitar Hero Live, you will be able to gain access to hundreds of music videos you can play along to. More music videos will be added after the games release, and will span across a wide variety of genres.

These new features only scratch the surface of what Guitar Hero Live will be bringing players this year. To learn even more about this game, along with some of the developmental ideas and other features, you can check out our interview. Tamika “REDInFamy” Moultrie recently chatted with Jonathan Anastas about the game and the sweet new things in store for Guitar Hero fans around the world.


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