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Armello “Game of Thrones Meets Kung Fu Panda” on PS4

by on June 28, 2015

From Kickstarter to now being featured as one of PlayStation 4’s featured indie titles, Armello, the traditional table top type of game game brought to life, is adding more than just waiting your turn to role a pair of dice. This Fall fans on PC and PlayStation will play an adventure that involves various clans that aim to take over the King’s rule because of wicked ways due to a plague of evil over taking him.

GamerFitnation chats with Armello‘s director, Trent Trent Kusters to chat on what type of game play players will experience come this fall on PlayStation 4.

“Think of it as Game of Thrones Meets Kung Fu Panda.” Trent shares as he sums up what players will expect from a land of animal clans aiming to fight for the “throne.”


Different Clans out for the throne of the now corrupted King of Armello.

The game takes place in the fairy tale place called the Kingdom of Armello, a world of animals creatures that are separated into numerous clans (sounds like the GOT’s houses already). When the current king becomes corrupted by a dark force called the Rot, representatives from the different animal clans take a stance to then become the new king or queen to protect the land. Each clan that represents a different animal comes with certain attributes, for example - Rat clan stealthy and masters of espionage.  The style of the gameplay is a single or multi-player strategy table top experience, tactical card play, with RPG elements.


Take a look above as we get closer look at what Armello and get a peek at a new character that was revealed only at E3.

Players can access the early version of Armello now through Steam, but the full game is set to release this Fall, September 2015 on PC, MAC, Linux and PlayStation 4. For more updates on this title we’ll keep you posted.