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So What Was the Best of E3 2015?

by on June 30, 2015

The big E3 2015 conference may be over, but there are still plenty of sites highlighting their videos and articles from the conference. Some articles cover smaller games and projects, while others tackle the big announcements made over the course of the conference. Most of the presenters had some pretty big news to share, and we are here to tell you what we thought the best reveals and news from E3 2015.

E3 2015: Cuphead


Fight, fly, and more in this spectacular title shown at E3 2015.

A personal favorite of our Antwand “BLACKBIBLE” Pearman, this game wowed the crowd when it was shown off at Microsoft’s press conference. E3 2015 viewers witnessed a vivid title with graphics resembling those used in the Silly Symphonies cartoons put out by Disney in the 30s. The game places you in command of Cuphead and his brother Mugman, as you run and gun your enemies. These brothers have lost everything but each other while gambling with the devil. They only managed to keep their lives by agreeing to collect the souls of those who still owe their master a debt.

With massive bosses that take up the entire screen, beautiful animation, and unique live jazz music to back it up, Cuphead is looking at being a powerful and one-of-a-kind title for Microsoft to have under it’s belt. Developers have not set a price or release date yet, so stay tuned for more details, we’ve got you covered.

E3 2015: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Our PS4 era Cloud Strife is looking as great as can be with his updated graphics!

Our PS4 era Cloud Strife is looking as great as can be with his updated graphics!

Square Enix had plenty of incredible announcements under their belts at E3 2015, and Final Fantasy 7 was one of the biggest crowd pleasers. Kingdom Hearts 3 came close, though the fact that the company only showed a new trailer and mentioned a Tangled-themed world left some disappointed and all wanting more. Final Fantasy 7 has been, mostly, celebrated as one of the best games in the Final Fantasy franchise. Some love the attention it gets, others just feel it’s overrated and wish the hype would tone down. Regardless of where you stand, the Final Fantasy 7 remake was a pretty big deal at E3 2015.

Playing as Cloud, you are tasked to work with a group, known as AVALANCHE, in order to protect the world from the energy absorbing Shinra Inc. Plenty of thrilling, freaky, and even heartbreaking moments await in this title that is getting revamped for the PlayStation 4.

E3 2015: Xbox One Plays Xbox 360 Games


Play your Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One at no extra cost!

A big thing for many gamers in gaming today is the issue of backwards compatibility. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 started out their campaign as non-backwards compatible systems, but at E3 2015, Microsoft revealed that they will not stay that way. Xbox One is now in the process of being a backwards compatible system. Over 100 Xbox 360 titles are currently in line to be ready for play on Xbox One in the fall, with more coming in later seasons.

Players will not have to pay a thing for this new service. Both games purchased online and as disks will be able to be played on the Xbox One system. The system will recognize an Xbox 360 disk and then download the game to the hard drive. From there, the game can be played whenever the game’s disk is in. This was a huge announcement for any Microsoft fan who does not want to sacrifice their old titles for the sake of the newer system! Be sure to check out their official site for backwards compatibility to see what titles are getting this option in the fall.

E3 2015: The Last Guardian

A young boy and a strange creature team up for what promises to be a fantastic story.

A young boy and a strange creature team up for what promises to be a fantastic story.

The last of our Best of E3 2015 lies with a game that was announced back in 2009. The Last Guardian is being developed by Team Ico, the same people who brought you Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It was originally planned to be released on the PlayStation 3, but delays due to technical issues and desires to make the game better pushed back its release date time and time again. Eventually, there was a span of time in which no information on the game was given. Featuring a young boy and a strange dog/griffin creature, it is a game that has had gamers wondering just what it is about. At E3 2015, they showed off a new (what seems to be) gameplay trailer for the game that shocked the crowd.

Stunning and beautiful, The Last Guardian is still alive, and it will hopefully be released in 2016 for the PlayStation 4. Developers say that they did not want the game to be restricted by the capabilities of the PlayStation 3. With this, we will most likely be able to get a stronger and more enthralling title. We still do not know much about this title, but if the game stays on schedule, we should be finding out more before too long.

What did you think of the E3 2015 experience? Are you excited for the announcements covered above, or what were some other big announcements that got you pumped? Let us know in the comments below.


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