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Cuphead: Silly Symphonies Return, A GFN Interview

by on June 17, 2015

The gaming world is filled with unique and quirky games, and E3 revealed another one that will be joining the ranks of the radical. Cuphead, announced during the E3 conferences yesterday, is a title that makes use of old school, hand drawn graphics to tell the a story of a mischievous duo.

Cuphead implements stunning graphics that are reminiscent of the Silly Symphonies cartoons put out by Disney in the early 90’s. Enhanced with bright colors and swift 2D run and gun gameplay, the video shown of Cuphead had many gamers speechless. Combine the live jazz soundtrack that gives the world of Cuphead it’s music, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a pretty aesthetically intense title.

Deal with the devil himself in this outrageously cool new game.

Deal with the devil himself in this outrageously cool new game.

So, what kind of crazy story goes with a game like this? One that involves deals with the devil of course! Cuphead and his brother Mugman wind up gambling with the devil himself, losing all of their money and making one last barter to get everything back. They lose, but are given a chance of keeping their heads if they do the devils bidding. Thus they go off on an adventure to collect the souls of those who still owe their new boss money. There is currently no set release date, though the developers hope that it will be in 2016, and the price for this title has not been determined either. However; it will be released on the Xbox One and PC.

There has been a lot of work and dedication put into this game, as is clear by the passion the creators have for it. Our very own Antwand “BLACKBIBLE” Pearman got to hit the floor at E3 and chat with Jared Moldenhauer (the Lead Designer of Cuphead) and Chad Moldenhauer (the Art Director of Cuphead) about the game and what influenced the duo to create a game of such incredible proportions.

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