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Duck Game: Guns, Jetpacks, and Feathers

by on June 2, 2015
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June 4, 2015


Originally released on OUYA back in December of last year (and coming to Steam on June 4), Duck Game is a title in which ducks have taken over the world as we know it. Done with being the cute and cuddly creatures hailed by internet memes and YouTube videos, these guys have set up their own civilization in place of humans. However; some of these ducks have discovered that being the dominant species comes with its setbacks. These ducks are tired of working and being pushed around by the higher ups in the Corporation, and are fully ready for an all out rebellion complete with jetpacks, ray guns, and mayhem. The concept sounds pretty awesome, right? But how does the actual execution stand up?

Duck Game Gameplay

Duck battle in space, why not!?

Duck battle in space, why not!?

The controls of Duck Game are simple and easy to learn. Players jump, move right or left, duck, pick up items, use items, and drop items. These controls have a near flawless reaction time and have been well programmed into the game. If your brain can react quick enough to a situation, then your duck can too. No need to worry about your keyboard not registering a command and dying due to a lag. The only qualm I have about the controls is the current inability to change key commands. Duck Game currently runs using W,A,S,D to move, C to pick up/drop items, and V to use items. Since I do not play computer games often, it would be nice to have an option to switch the movement keys to the arrow keys. The game is still in it’s final developmental stages for Steam, so it is  possible that this will be implemented at a later time.

There is no shortage of gameplay modes in Duck Game. From the main hub, players can purchase items to spruce up their duck and choose from a variety of different ways to play. Chainsaw races, arcade modes, and multiplayer modes are just a few examples of what Duck Game has to offer. The entry to each of these modes comes in the form of arcade games and, in the hub, there are what looks to be other arcade games covered over, suggesting that there will be plenty more gameplay modes and challenges on the way for players. Whether you want to play alone, shooting ducks before they shoot you on a stage, or you want to play with friends, opting to shoot your pal’s ducks rather than computer generated ducks, there is likely something in Duck Game for every gamer to find a niche in.

Duck Game: Graphics and Music

Enjoy the colors and sounds of Duck Game with your friends.

Enjoy the colors and sounds of Duck Game with your friends.

The graphics in Duck Game are fun and reminiscent of the early Nintendo years. Awesome, side scrolling action meshes well with the simple designs of the ducks and the environments you fight through. It sticks with the basic single colored/shaded objects of older arcade games, and it really does justice to the game’s overall feel.

The music adds onto this old-school epic feeling. All of the tracks are fun, upbeat, and perfect for a badass duck fighting atmosphere. Combine this with the graphics, and you’ve got yourself the visual and audio pairing that takes players back to the early days of gaming without making the game feel old. The sounds of the game are refreshing, with audio cues when you throw away items, get shot, and shoot other ducks. However, these aren’t your typical sound cues: they have a slightly comical tone to them which amplifies gameplay even further. Want to hear what a duck sounds like when he isn’t satisfied with the weapon he has? Just throw it away to hear him quack in dismay at what he has picked up.

Overall, these elements work incredibly well together. The music and graphics truly add onto what Duck Game is and how players feel while playing. If you want a game that has elements of old-school titles, but keeps up with the fresh and quirky ideas of present day gaming, then Duck Game is a perfect choice for you.


Edited by: Emily Deaton


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Catchy, fitting music to send you back to the early Nintendo days.
Weapons and Power-ups that greatly enhance epic duck action.
Multiplayer mode to fight with your friends.
Old-school level designs to go with those awesome tunes.
Fast Paced


Currently no way to reassign controls.
No way to tell how much ammo you have left.

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Final Verdict

Duck Hunt is a crazy and fun game for anyone to enjoy. Literally watch the feathers fly as you mow down you enemies in both local multiplayer and arcade mode. The various power-ups you can find within levels, combined with items you can purchase using tickets won from arcade matches, allow you to customize your duck in plenty of insane ways. Throw in an epic soundtrack reminiscent of the early Nintendo era, and you've got yourself an immensely entertaining old-school style game.