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E3 2015: Project Morpheus Ups the Ante With Multiplayer Game

by on June 17, 2015

Project Morpheus, Sony’s shiny VR headset, is on the floor at E3 this year, and is boasting a new and exciting thing: a multiplayer VR game. The new game, called RIGS, is a 3-on-3, first-person shooter game that lets you play with your friends in virtual reality.

The game, which is in development under Guerilla Games, the guys who brought you Killzone, plays like a 3 vs. 3 combat arena shooter. RIGS puts you and your friends in a mechanized suit, and lets you shoot and fight your way to the goal. The byline is Mechanized Combat League, which suggests a large form of online play.

Sony hopes that this will help increase the longevity of Project Morpheus; with more games on the list, and with the addition of online multiplayer, it could prove to be a long-lived addition.

Sony also announced the ability for friends to play with a friend on a Project Morpheus headset with a DualShock 4 controller. On the same couch. You + 4 more friends. That’s a good local co-op.

There are many games in development for Project Morpheus. So far, we know of Eve: Valkyrie, which will be in the EVE world, and will allow the player to experience real dogfights in virtual reality.

Other games include: Godling, a world where you a god child deciding how to use your powers, The Deep, where you experience an underwater world in a shark cage, World War Toons, another online multiplayer FPS for the VR headset, and Wayward Sky, a light puzzle solving game that is played in third person and lets the player ease their way into the VR experience.

With its release date almost a year away, we heard very little at the press conference about Project Morpheus, but the games that are playable on the floor will give more insight into the exciting and now ever-expanding world of virtual reality by the time consumers strap on their headsets and dive in.

You can catch the portion on Project Morpheus at the 56:20 mark on the video. What do you think of Project Morpheus? Do you want to get inside a mech and take on others in a 3-on-3 challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

By: Cody Dunmire

Edited by: Emily Deaton

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