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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst “We don’t want Faith to use guns at all”


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the return to the franchise that made parkour standard in games with massive exploration. It’s one that opened up the realm of possibility for open world realism, and one that is appreciated in the gaming world. After getting ahold of the game, we noticed several things: one of the time trials in the demo was actually hard to get first place, the graphics looked great at the stage it was at, and lastly, our excitement couldn’t be contained.

There was one thing I noticed in the time trials in the demo I played while at E3: if you ever wanted an easy platinum in this game you’re better off just giving up, because it is not easy by any means. The combat has been really updated and become a highlight in the game. In the video that is posted above, you get to see how and why Faith’s combat will be updated. You will also see why guns aren’t really a factor in the game. Combat is a lot better, and I have to mention that achieving a special move looks great as the camera pans out to give you a good overall view of the action. When told that the development team didn’t want Faith to use guns in the game, it sparked a thought that maybe this isn’t going to be the Mirror’s Edge we once knew.

However, I was mistaken. Graphical Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is excelling in this area. The white and red aesthetics are there and you will have flash backs to game you played on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Check out our interview with Tamika REDinFamy Moultrie as she chats with DICE Design Director, Erik Odeldahl, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst posted above. The game will release sometime in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye out to GamerFitNation.

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