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Red Hood: Bringing Violence Back to Gotham

by on June 30, 2015

For those that don’t know who Red Hood is, he was the second Robin. He was Jason Todd, a strong but impatient sidekick for Batman. After Dick Grayson left the Robin outfit for the guise of Nightwing, Jason Todd took his place, fighting alongside Batman until the fateful story arc, Batman: A Death in the Family. In the story, Jason Todd learns he does not know his biological mother, so he goes to Ethiopia and finds her, but also gets kidnapped by the Joker, who was selling nuclear weapons to terrorists in the Middle East.

The vicious torture of Jason Todd had the Joker beating him with a crowbar, and as he laid in a pool of his own blood, the Joker locked Jason and his mother in a warehouse with a time bomb. The blast killed both Jason and his mother, leaving Batman to have an even bigger vendetta against the Joker, and leading him to be more cautious with his later sidekicks.

BATMAN™_ ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150629110916

Red Hood can take down anyone from anywhere.

Jason Todd didn’t come back to life until Talia Al Ghul resurrected him in the Lazarus Pit in the Under the Red Hood storyline. He became an antihero, using the cover of the Red Hood. He uses guns, will kill carelessly, but still wants to see crime off the streets. The storyline for the Red Hood Story Pack, exclusive to GameStop preorder purchasers for now, follows one of the earliest storylines for Red Hood: taking down Black Mask and his crime syndicate.

The story starts with a couple Black Mask Thugs talking about the guns that Black Mask got from Penguin (who has many gun caches in the main game). Red Hood then breaks through the glass ceiling and goes to town on the thugs. Red Hood has three gadgets in the story mode: his dual handguns, flash bang grenades, and a bat claw of his own for pulling in enemies and moving from vantage point to vantage point.

BATMAN™_ ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150629113918

No you don’t, Red Hood. And that gun doesn’t look like Batman, either.

Instead of the non-lethal Batarangs that Batman uses to knock down enemies, Red Hood uses his dual handguns, spraying bullets at charging thugs and performing headshots execution style. The violence really comes to light in the story, as Red Hood grabs a Black Mask Thug and interrogates him, asking where Black Mask is. He is told that the guns are at the docks in Chinatown, shooting the thug in the head as he walks away.

The second part of the story takes us to the docks, loaded with armed and bulletproof thugs. The stage lets you play stealthily, taking out thugs any way you wish. Stealth proved to be extremely useful, and with the stealth takedowns, Red Hood either beat the thug in the head with the butt of his gun, or snapped the thug’s neck. He gave a few lines when he would kill them, saying, “It’s personal. It’s all personal,” or, “Let the punishment fit the crime.” Both of these phrases come from the comics, with Red Hood capturing Joker in the comics and beating him with a crowbar in the same fashion the Joker beat him. The second phrase came from when Red Hood had a sidekick named Scarlet, and they would fight criminals leaving a calling card that included the phrase.

The name of the trophy is a nod to the comic that the Jason Todd Red Hood first appeared in.

The name of the trophy is a nod to the comic that the Jason Todd Red Hood first appeared in.

The second area ends with Red Hood interrogating another thug. With a gun in his face he tells Red Hood that he wouldn’t kill him. Red Hood reminds the thug that he isn’t Batman, pushing the gun into the thugs face. He finally gives up Black Mask’s location, and executes the thug before heading for his showdown with Black Mask.

The final leg of the story takes us to Black Mask’s hideout. We fight a few of his thugs before Black Mask himself shows up. Red Hood teases him, saying that he isn’t a good shot. He fights Black Mask, sometimes dodging a bullet while taking out other thugs. The fight ends with Black Mask begging for mercy, telling Red Hood that he will give him anything he wants, even if it means leaving Gotham. Red Hood tells him he can go to Hell and proceeds to kick Black Mask out of a window. It’s unknown if Black Mask dies from the fall, but Red Hood says, “Say hi to Joker for me,” before walking away, ending the scene.

Red Hood takes out another of Batman's enemies, taking guns off the streets.

Red Hood takes out another of Batman’s enemies, taking guns off the streets.

The gameplay overall was very fun, but it can take as few as ten minutes to finish the story. For completing the story you get a silver trophy titled “Under the Red Hood” for the PS4 version, and a 100 point achievement titled “Under the Red Hood” for Xbox One. It’s fun to play as Red Hood, but it’s very upsetting to only receive a ten minute story for him. I hope to see more of Red Hood in the future, even if it’s just some dual mode fighting like in the main story with Catwoman and Nightwing.

What do you think of the Red Hood Story Pack? Did you like what you saw? Do you want more? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check out my walkthrough here!

By: Cody Dunmire

Edited by: Emily Deaton

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