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5 Most Disappointing Games This Year

by on July 15, 2015

We are over halfway through the year, with a lot of big releases, but there have also been a lot of flops. These five are the most disappointing games that have been released this year (so far).

Game of Thrones is a great show. This game? Not so much.

Game of Thrones is a great show. This game? Not so much.

  1. Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode Two – The Lost Lords

Every Telltale game has done well, but the second episode of the Game of Thrones Telltale series fell flat. Following the third season of the show, the game lets players actually decide what will happen in the world of Westeros, and to the characters.

Unfortunately, the second episode suffered from bugs and glitches, sometimes rendering the player completely unable to advance. Many chalk it up to too many projects at once for the story-telling company. The following two episodes have redeemed the series, and many hope for the last two episodes to be released sometime this year. Sadly, the second episode will be remembered as a disappointing moment for the series.

Gat out of Hell is right in there with the weird of the Saints Row series.

Gat out of Hell is right in there with the weird of the Saints Row series.

  1. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

The Saints Row series has always been popular (not as popular as Grand Theft Auto, but what are you gonna do?). After Saints Row IV, the company decided to make some other Saints Row side games. And so enters Gat Out of Hell, a game many were pumped for, but which fell short in gameplay and graphics.

In Gat out of Hell, you confront Satan, who is looking for someone to marry his daughter, Jezebel, and it just so happens to be Johnny Gat. The game has some fun powers, and a crazy plot, but it seems to get off track at times, and doesn’t get that facelift that many games do when they are standalone expansions.

Sadly, Gat out of Hell did not meet expectations, but many just say it was made just to be fun. It died off for me, and now sits dusty on a shelf, waiting for the day I trade it in.

Battlefield Hardline takes a different approach to the Battlefield series.

Battlefield Hardline takes a different approach to the Battlefield series.

  1. Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield is a popular series, rivaling the Call of Duty series. After the release of Battlefield 4, EA started work on Battlefield Hardline, a different spin on the series, putting you in the role of a detective who is working to get drugs off the streets.

The game was criticized for its storyline being predictable, its characters being nonexistent to the point of almost stereotypical, and for it relying heavily on its multiplayer to keep it up in sales.

It’s disappointing to see FPS games that rely so heavily on multiplayer. The story was cliché and poorly executed, but it could have been handled better, and sadly we are unable to see that.

Evolve isn't for everyone, and its sales prove that.

Evolve isn’t for everyone, and its sales prove that.

  1. Evolve

Evolve was supposed to be the game that redefined online multiplayer, like Titanfall (Do you still play it? Really? You do?). Sadly, it turned into another shortcoming for the multiplayer community.

The main plot of Evolve is a simple one: kill the Monsters. It’s simple, yet it gets very complicated. If you play only by yourself and want to play online, that tends to be a problem, as teamwork is key and that doesn’t go over very well when you get a bunch of people who don’t know each other online together.

The game looked great, plays great, and is fun with friends, but the game falls short of the name AAA and frustrated a lot of people. It’s a game that is for a select few, but it’s hard to say if this game will even reach enough in sales to not be a big hit for 2K Games, but it was disappointing for fans.


The Order: 1886 was full of promise, but couldn't execute it.

The Order: 1886 was full of promise, but couldn’t execute it.

  1. The Order: 1886

Even though the game was exclusive to PS4, The Order: 1886 proved to be the most disappointing game so far this year (and I don’t think anyone can top it). It had a great concept, set Victorian Steampunk London with werewolves and vampires, and cyberpunk technology. What could go wrong?

A lot is the answer you are looking for. The Order has been seen as nothing more than a tech demo for the PS4 system. It looks amazing, it has a great frame rate, but there’s just one problem. It’s very cinematic. Many of the battles have a lot of quick time events, and the portions that you do control tend to fall flat and feel repetitive.

The story itself got very confusing later on, making this writer wonder if they just couldn’t get one concept down. The plot starts with werewolves, switches to vampires, then looks as though there is a sequel planned in the works. Whatever Ready at Dawn has next, they better make it more interactive, or else The Order: 1886 and its sequel will be the most disappointing series to date.


Those are the 5 most disappointing games so far this year! Do you agree or disagree? Tell us your worst games so far this year below!

By: Cody Dunmire

Edited by: Emily Deaton

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