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Hot Titles to End Your 2015 Summer!

by on July 25, 2015

With the month of July coming to a close next week, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the idle joys of summer are nearing their end as well. However; this does not mean the fun needs to stop, especially since summer does not end until September. To get you through this time while having a blast, I am here to throw out some hot titles, which can be great to play during the remainder of summer. Each of these are different, yet each one conveys a small sense of summer in their own way.

Make Your Own Dream Life

Design the perfect home for your Sim to spend their summer!

Design the perfect home for your Sim to spend their summer!

The Sim’s franchise has given audiences freedom to create their own lives for years. In the latter half of last year, Maxis Studios gave PC users Sims 4, which was released on the Mac this year and has been steadily improving ever since it’s initial release. It didn’t have swimming pools or swimwear, but thankfully, patches have been released allowing you to buy a swimming pool for your dream life this summer.

The Sims 4 builds off previous installments and gives players better graphics and a few new concepts. Create a Sim based on you, build the home you’ve always wanted, and make your Sim live the life you’d love to be living. Want to have ghost for a roommate? Go for it! Trap your mortal enemy in a swimming pool all night so they get embarrassed by peeing themselves? You can do that in this hot title! The best part is, it will always appear to be summer in this world. Nice weather, computer generated friends, and a house to suit all of your summer bashes; The Sims 4 has all that at the click of a few buttons.

Take an Adventure with the Crystal Gems

Take on your foes with the Crystal Gems in this vibrant hot title!

Take on your foes with the Crystal Gems in this vibrant hot title!

If you want a simple and colorful RPG to play through during the remainder of your summer, then Steven Universe: Attack the Light may be just the thing for you. The game presents you with the quirky atmosphere of the television show and combines it with incredible RPG gameplay. Released on mobile devices and tablets, this game is perfect for those who want to enjoy a light and fun game while relaxing by the pool, in the garden, or even inside. Not only that, but Attack the Light’s characters capture the essence of innocent, yet serious, adventure everyone wants to find at some point during their summer.

In this adventure, Steven accidentally releases a power that was held within a prism. Now, it is up to him and the Crystal Gems to track down and defeat the beasts created by the released being. You get to take control of them all and aid them in battle by using the touch screen to unleash their attacks. Guide them though each level, discover hidden treasures, find secret rooms, and take part in the greatest adventure of Steven’s summer.

Travel to New Lands

The world is yours for the exploring!

The world is yours for the exploring!

One of the most anticipated titles of this year may be one of the perfect summer games as well! The Witcher 3 grants players a massive open world map putting even Skyrim to shame. This open world is home to beautiful scenery, dangerous foes, unique creatures, and endless exploration and discovery. If you want a title to fulfill your summertime feelings for open skies, clear waters, vibrant forests, and countless other areas to explore; then this one is definitely worth looking into.

As far as hot titles go, this one tasks you with a lot. You take on the role of Geralt and gain all of the unique abilities he has as a Witcher. Your ultimate adventure is to seek out the Child of Prophecy who holds the power to bring forth the end of the world. As if that weren’t enough pressure, you also have to deal with the ghastly members of the Wild Hunt, who’ve arrived to steal souls to bolster their forces. As with most great adventuring games, this title requires you to make choices which will affect the world. With such a big world, and so many things going on in the main plotline and within the world itself, you’ll certainly be making tons of choices for Geralt this summer and beyond.

Duke It Out with Your Squad

Color your turf and beat your pals in insane colored challenges.

Claim your turf and beat your pals in insane colorful challenges.

Nintendo released an action packed multi-player addition to the hot titles list this year which featured a host of characters known as Inklings. This game, Splatoon, has received great remarks from critics and players alike for the curious squid/human creatures. If this is the summer for you to let loose and have a blast with your friends online or in home, then look no further than this hot title. Play with your friends, or against them, it doesn’t matter; this game has something for everyone.

Splatoon is mainly a multi-player game in which you can partake in battles, up to 4 on 4, with other people around the world. These battles usually require you and your team to cover most of the map in your color paint. This paint can be projected by various weapons, and you are allowed to hold a primary weapon (guns, rifles, paint rollers, etc.) and a secondary weapon (bombs, paint walls, etc.) in order to cover your field. You can also change into your squid form in order to swim through the paint of your own color in order to hide from enemies, travel faster, and even recharge your paint.

Final Words

These are just a few of hundreds of hot titles perfect for summer video gaming. We would love to know what some of your favorite video games to play during the summer are - just let us know in the comments section below and enjoy your time under the summer Sun.


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