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Rainbow Six Siege TerroHunt Just Got “Real” - TEAM WORK

by on July 25, 2015

Rainbow Six Siege Terrohunt  travels to New York City after E3 to share its famed multiplayer mode Terrorist Hunt, which has now been coined “Terrohunt” by the community. Terrohunt is one of the core substances to Rainbow Six as it gave players a unique twist of a horde mode. It was time to test if my anti-terror skills from the past could match these new challenges but it got “real” with the new Rainbow Six Siege Terrorhunt as it pushed us to communicate in a multiplayer like never before.

Before I had a chance to dive into the action at Ubisoft’s NYC showcase of Rainbow Six Siege Terrohunt, I met with Ubisoft Montreal Game Designer, Andrew Witts, as he walked me through what to expect and some new goodies added to Terrorist Hunt.

Enemy Artificial Intelligence at its High Wits

The new additions that stood out the most in the whole presentation showed that this is not going to be your ordinary Terrohunt that you are use to on the Rainbow Six Vegas series, because AI is far more equipped and very smart this time around. Within the game design is a unique AI Strategy manager, which programs the AI to react to anything your team has done in breaching certain points on an objective.

So if you were to, let’s say, disarm a bomb on the lower left side of the building, the AI would basically plan how to take you and your team down in that sector no matter where there are initially in that building. AI would then take the best route to get to your location, add more fortification, traps, or call in there own specialized members. Even when you have successfully done your mission, depending on the task the AI still then re-adapt and change their plan to then make sure you are not successful.  In addition the AI, like a human player, can hear your movements and react. So if you are bound with armor then of course you are going to be louder in movements and the enemies will react to it and plan accordingly.

You’ll never experience the same thing twice

Rainbow Six Siege Terrohunt

Meet Rainbow Six Siege Terrorhunt AI Manager, aiming to make your mission harder for fun of course.

When you are humans fighting AI in a lot of shooting games, the AI is always predictable, but Ubisoft Montreal changed that stigma with their own AI Manager, which boosts enemy intelligence like never before. As a player, you will be guessing or strategically changing your plans in order to prevail the mission. This alone adds to re-playabllity for me, and makes it an instant purchase.

Time to Hunt Down Some Terrorist

In Rainbow Six Siege’s Terrohunt, you can play 5 player co-op vs AI online with friends. There are new modes in this new addition such as  Hostage rescue and Bomb Diffusal. So I got a chance to jump in with the new Ubisoft  All Lady Game Team MatchGrade Nation, to play Bomb Diffusal. In Terrorhunt, you can play either attack or defend which I thought was neat because depending on what you choose you have to plan differently each time.

Each player has the opportunity of choosing a specialized operator (class) that is equipped with certain gear to help along the mission with your fellow players. To start, there are 20 operators to unlock in the game, but in the hands-on demo there were about 8 to choose from. The Sledgehammer class was so much fun; additional classes involved hacking enemy devices, breaching walls, and more support. Out of the many classes to choose from, only one for each player can be chosen at the given time. This enforces team communication as you then need to strategically plan with your team how their perks can be used for certain situations. By far my favorite was the Sledgehammer class. Nothing like bashing a hole in a wall to get the job done.

rainbow six siege terrohunt

French Embassy is in need of a Siege.

After everyone has chosen their class you can then vote on which side or entrance the team can pursue to breach. In Bomb Diffusal mode it is pretty self explanatory - diffuse the bombs at their location but it all depends on how you do it. The building, which is now a highly fortified French Embassy has many different ways of breaching and we explored them all. You can zip line your way up to the roof and Mission Impossible your way through the skylight, breach into a window, go through the basement, or be a true bad ass and go through the front door.

Depending on where you go or choose the bombs may be in different locations in the building, from there you can plan with you team on breaking down the enemies fortress and killing the hordes of bad guys once you diffuse the bombs. Only one can have the diffuse device - so if Leroy Jenkins is on the other side of the building going full Rambo and gets killed, but has the diffuser you will have to go and get it to fulfill the objective.

Here’s where ish Gets REAL - Terrohunt Realistic Mode

rainbow six siege terrohunt

Hard-breathing Bombers equipped with bombs of course and armor, go figure.

The regular mode was a piece of cake for me. Here is Terrohunt’s bread and butter come this fall: realistic mode. After my demo, I literally had to come back and play it again. Why? Because I needed to prevail. The first go around we almost won, and I was the last woman standing. This mode will test your true first person teamwork capabilities, and I must repeat that it will. In Realistic Mode there are no re-spawns to come back, it is on friendly fire, enemies are more equipped, smarter, and Bombers. There are suicide bombers ready to blow you and your team away at all costs. You must keep you ears open to movement, breathing, and your eyes must be on high alert because the suicide bombers can take out the whole squad. Their breathing alone heightens the intensity of this game mode. If you are near windows enemies will breach through them, even from the ceiling.

I was highly impressed with Rainbow Six Siege’s Terrohunt. The realistic mode will be the talk on the gaming block come this fall. I highly recommend trying it out yourself. Pre-order Rainbow Six Siege to get in the close beta or try to see more updates in Ubisoft will be handing them out.

Rainbow Six Siege releases October 15, 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more developments on Rainbow Six Siege, stay tuned and we’ll have you covered. Also let us know what you are most excited for in the comments below. See you  all soon on the Beta September 25th.



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