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Shadow of the Beast “On every level every creature will be different”


Shadow of the Beast was an interesting title that we got the chance to see and play while at E3 2015. The game resembles Apotheon, and has a reminiscent feel to a fight scene in god of war. It’s a bloody good time in a metaphoric and literal sense of the word. The game is a gore fest with you controlling a demon-like character. You can pull off multiple combos, but as your rage meter fills up and is unleashed by you, you will enter into a state of pure gore, demolishing enemies left and right as your character has a qte (quick time event) that pops up to let you know what to press. It’s very fun and very bloody, it’s something your definitely going to enjoy.

While at E3, I met the very humble developer who had played the game as a child, and was now recreating it. The result is a promising game with exciting combat with a lots of potential that has yet to be realized. Shadow of the Beast may be one of the sleeper hits that make it on the Psn in the near future. I got my hands on with the game and really enjoyed the game so much that I had to sit down and ask more details about the game. We talk a lot about the combat, environmental aspects, as well as why this game was re-imagined.

Check out the interview for Shadow of the Beast posted above for your viewing pleasure. Shadow of the Beast is currently in development with a release date TBD (to be determined) at a later time.


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