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Conker and Banjo Could Bring Bank for Nintendo (Part 2)

by on August 14, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at the history of Banjo and Conker, two iconic characters who used to be a part of Nintendo through Rare. Now that we know who these beloved creatures are and the impact they had on gamers, we can now move onto look at how both Banjo and Conker could bring some big money back to Nintendo.

Conker and Banjo: New IP’s for Both

Traveling worlds with these two again would be quite a treat.

Traveling worlds with these two again would be quite a treat.

One of the more obvious ways that Nintendo could benefit from Conker and Banjo returning. As mentioned in the last article, neither character has seen much action during their time with Microsoft. While Conker is currently going through an episodic campaign, we are still waiting to see if it is actually successful for the furry little guy.

One major benefit that could come from Conker’s return is the fact that Rare had already laid out a full second game storyline while they were with Nintendo. This story would have involved Conker breaking out of jail, basically for being a horrid king and racking up massive debt, and going on another outrageous adventure. Microsoft never made use of this however; leaving it wide open for Nintendo to make use of if Conker ever returned.

Banjo, on the other hand, did not have as much ready for a next title, but he could still be a key player in Nintendo’s roster. There has been a fair amount of desire from gamers to have platforming titles like Conker and Banjo’s, especially Banjo’s. The fact that Banjo never had much in mind for future titles with Nintendo actually would not be too much of a problem though, given the fact that…

Conker and Banjo: Ex Rare Employees are a Go

These two have big shoes to fill, though we have great confidence in them!

These two have big shoes to fill, though we have great confidence in them!

That’s right, there are plenty of ex-Rare employees who miss the days of platformer video games. These employees have even created their own development company, Playtonic Games. With the love these developers have for their games and characters, it is likely that they would welcome Conker and Banjo into their studio with open arms.

These guys have already accomplished great feats in the name of platforming titles. A new game, Yooka-Laylee, will be hitting stores for all systems at the end of the year. Playtonic Games held a Kickstarter campaign for the game, dubbed as the spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie, and earned $3.2 billion in just a short amount of time. That kind of funding just goes to show how much gamers want Banjo and Conker, or at least something like them back. It also shows that the quirky and creative platforming game titles are still wanted in the gaming world. While the company assures us that it will not be a straight up Banjo Kazooie copy, we still cannot wait to see a new duo step up.

Yooka-Laylee does pose a bit of a problem for Banjo though. Even though it will not be a straight up copy, the game will still have a ton of the great elements that made the Banjo Kazooie titles so fun to play. Two titles/series being so closely tied together may be too much, even if Banjo were made to be Nintendo exclusive.

Even if Banjo cannot get his own IP, there are still plenty of other places for him to go, alongside Conker of course!

Conker and Banjo: Smash, Kart, and so Much More

Who else would stand in a pre-order line to get this guy?

Who else would stand in a pre-order line to get this guy?

Both Banjo and Conker could be stellar additions to the character line up found within some of Nintendo’s major multi-player titles. Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart are two such games that the two icons could be added to as DLC. Nintendo has already been big on collecting information on characters that players would like to see in Super Smash, and there is little doubt that fans would go nuts over being able to fight with Banjo and Conker.

The hype would not be quite as big for Mario Kart, but Nintendo could develop a DLC pack that allows players to race as Banjo and Conker, as well as feature tracks inspired by their games. Could you imagine racing on a track that went around the Great Mighty Poo, from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, as he sung his song? Or one that took you through the crypts of the Mad Monster Mansion from Banjo Kazooie? It sounds incredibly fun and creative to us!

The last big thing Nintendo could do, outside of new IP’s, is create Amiibo figures for both Conker and Banjo (with Kazooie too of course!). The excitement and collectable value that has accumulated through Amiibo would produce a great market for both Banjo and Conker. With the way that Amiibo sell, it would be likely that if these two characters were to be taken back by Nintendo and turned into Amiibo, they would be sold out during the pre-order stage.

Conker and Banjo: Final Words

Seeing this in Super Smash would be pretty intense.

Seeing this in Super Smash would be pretty intense.

Banjo and Conker have a lot of room to bring more creativity and fun to Nintendo, both nostalgic and new. While Microsoft may hold the rights to both of these heroes, there is always a chance for someone at Nintendo to decide that it’s time for them to come home and work to arrange a purchase or trade for the rights; it definitely wouldn’t be the first time it’s been done after all.

Although Playtonic Games is currently working on games for multiple platforms; it is possible that they would be willing to develop Conker and Banjo titles for Nintendo if they were asked, especially since there are some ex-Rare employees who know the characters well and world well. Playtonic would be one of the best companies to develop future Banjo and Conker titles, and their love for the games would show just as brightly today as it did in the past.

Despite the fact that we may never see Conker and Banjo again on Nintendo consoles, there is always that glimmer of hope that maybe some day, Nintendo will set out to re-acquire these lost characters and give them a new era of video games. Would you all like to see Conker and Banjo back with Nintendo? What kind of adventures do you think they could get into, both in new games and with current Nintendo characters? Let us know in the comments!

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