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Capcom’s Street Fighter V Beta Flops

by on August 2, 2015

Capcom’s first beta for Street Fighter V did not go off without hitch. It didn’t even go off with mediocrity. The beta flat-out failed.

The beta started out poorly and was taken down multiple times for Capcom to attempt to fix the problems, but running into more each time. Connectivity issues were more than abundant, making games almost impossible to enjoy.

The game also started out with many login issues. It’s unsure whether the issue was the size of the servers or if it was merely the way the servers were set up. Over the course of the weekend, Capcom used this time to learn just what it’s like to have servers, and only in America. Many of those in European and Asian countries were very upset about not being able to take place in the beta.

Street Fighter

The game looks great. The online just needs to keep up.

Capcom assured its players that this beta would not count as one of the three betas, and promises to have three fully capable betas. The problem with the beta failing and being pulled until further notice is the fact that the beta was a pre-order incentive for many.

Capcom released a full statement on their Capcom-Unity site. “Capcom offers its sincerest apologies to everyone who participated in this first beta test.  While the purpose of a beta is to work out these type of issues, it was very clear that the issues we faced were more severe than we were prepared for.  After three days of testing, while we were making progress and collecting valuable data, we felt the majority of players were not having a good experience, and the best course of action would be to take the servers offline for extended maintenance.  We will be postponing our first beta phase until we believe the experience is going to be a positive one for players.”

Street Fighter

Ryu is angry with his beta experience.

Capcom has promised those that have had problems with the beta will receive a “worthwhile in-game incentive,” but are unable to reveal what it is yet. Capcom went on to apologize, thanking those that participated in the beta, and describing that they understand how frustrating it is to try to play a beta and not have it work.

The beta was pulled on July 26th, but no other news has been released as of late. Street Fighter V is set to release in March 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows platforms. Hopefully Capcom is able to fix the problems and get the betas back up and running before long.

Have you been burned by Capcom’s Street Fighter V beta? Did you run into any problems with? Let us know in the comments below!

By: Cody Dunmire

Edited by: Emily Deaton

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