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Why Project Morpheus Is Taking Gaming to the Next Level

by on August 4, 2015

Gaming has long been a favorite pastime. For many, consoles are an essential part of the gaming experience. Whether you prefer a console or PC, your keyboard, mouse, joystick, gamepad and/or controller, to name a few, gaming tools are necessary.

But technology is revolutionizing the way gamers game. Take Project Morpheus, Sony’s virtual reality headset designed to function with PlayStation 4. Set to be released in the first half of next year, the latest prototype of the Playstation 4 VR headset is shaping up to take any sports, shooter, action game, or the like, to the next level. was invited to test drive Project Morpheus at the Best Buy Theater. As a born again gamer, it was cool to see the line between the gaming world and real world were blurred.

I demoed three games: Monster Escape/Monster Battle, Super Hypercube and London Heist.

Included in The Playroom VR collection, Monster Escape/Monster Battle can be played with up to five players—one person playing as the dinosaur and others as the miniature robots. You don’t need a controller for this; instead, gamers can use their head to play. After using my head to topple a building over, the game’s objective began, which was to dodge items thrown at me from the robots. While I enjoyed ducking and dodging the items thrown at my head (and the game’s graphics), I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not it was enough to draw me back beyond the demo. This is only one of various games offered within The Playroom VR set.

After taking a quick VR break, I played Super Hypercube. The puzzle game invites gamers to rotate the stack of blocks so that it fits into the cutout shown in the approaching wall. Sounds simple, but each time you succeed an additional block is added to the figure. Not to mention, you’ll need to lean a bit to see the shape, and the wall will change up on you at the last minute. If you love puzzles (and can imagine a 3D version), you’ll enjoy this game.

For my shooters, London Heist is for you. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a gun-wielding sidekick while engaged in a high-speed chase. The graphics coupled with the very realistic shooting scene had me sweating as I stayed (kinda sorta) seated. I was able to pick up and reload a magazine to re-up my gun and pick up and throw a can, among other functions. The high-impact demo was lengthy, but you couldn’t tell with all the shooting and intensity.

Whether you’re playing a puzzle game or a shooter, virtual reality adds a new layer to the gaming experience. What’s most valuable is its expansion of the gaming experience. Now gamers who have limited mobility can enjoy good quality gaming without the limits.

What do you think about Project Morpheus? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Guest

    Not on a weak console it won’t, but continue making.believe it, the harder the disappointment will be. From the front, that thing looks really hideous too.

  • John Nemesh

    I recently had a chance to demo the GearVR…the one that turns your smartphone into a VR device. Aside from the fact that the lenses were smudged, it was able to provide the sense of immersion. You felt like you were “there” in the game. There was an underwater demo…with fish swimming around…and I knew that it was the “real deal” when a shark came out of nowhere and rushed me…I actually flinched when it came at me! I was also very impressed with how quickly the display reacted to my head movements…even though the GearVR has no external head tracking (and therefore can’t react when you lean forward, for example).

    If a SMARTPHONE can render immersive VR, I am confident that the PS4 can do an even better job. I despise the so-called “PC Master Race” idiots, like the “guest” commenting below that think the PS4 hardware isn’t up to the task!

    I also think there is quite a LOT to be said for a “plug and play” VR system…Oculus on a high end gaming PC will, obviously, give you superior graphics…but then again, the Rift refreshes at 90hz, the Morpheus at 120hz…and also, Morpheus has been designed from the start with the “Move” controllers…Sony has been thinking about the whole system, not just the headset. It’s only recently that Oculus turned their attention to input devices. On the whole, I think the Morpheus system will be easier to develop for, as everyone has the same hardware and the same input devices to use.

    What I am REALLY wanting though…Is something like the old arcade game “PropCycle”…I want an accessory that will let me hook up a stationary cycle as an input device and let me ride a bike in VR anywhere in the world I want to ride…or even, like PropCycle, let me pilot a pedal driven flying machine! I would love for my video game habit to include a bit of fun exercise at the same time I am playing!

    Really though, the possibilities are endless…and I am VERY much on board for the first step. Day one purchase for me!