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Marvel Comics Interview At NYC Comic Con 2015

by on November 24, 2015

Ant-Man And Wasp? Black Panther Date Moved Closer? And The Future Of Marvel Games!?


GamerFitnation’s Antwand Pearman interviews Bill Rosemann (right) and Mike Jones (left) of Marvel Comics about their plans for their upcoming games at New York Comic Con 2015. Starting out the interview Rosemann was happy to announce that Marvel Cinematics will be making a squeal to our newly beloved ant sized super hero, called Ant-Man And Wasp, which is said to “bee” released in July 2017. With that announcement Marvel decided to move the highly anticipated movie, Black Panther up, meaning we will be seeing T’Challa sooner than expected!

Marvel Ant-Man Wasp

Rosemann excitedly brought up that last year Marvel had rebuilt their games division and assembled the best of the best from around the world. He mentions that their goal is to create games that are 110% authentic to Marvel’s style and are to be exquisite. If it is not he best of the best then they’re not going to do it. The plan for them is that they want to set the bar high for upcoming Marvel games. Jones, even though he cannot say much now, gave us a friendly reminder of the newly formed partnership with Telltale Games and Marvel Comics earlier this year.

Does this excite all you Marvel fans and gamers? Can we possibly see a Marvel game that has the same quality as the movies in the near future? We certainly hope so! Leave a comment below for which Marvel super hero game you would love to see to with the same quality as their movie counterpart!

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