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The VR Workout: Are You Ready to Get Fit?

by on March 29, 2015

From the Oculus Rift, Sony’s Project Morpheus, the Valve/HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR,and other peripherals on its way, like it or else, Virtual Reality is on the way and set to change gaming up for good. This means gamers would have the chance to play video games in a whole new spectrum and to get them up and moving off the couch. The big question is, are we really ready for this updated take on motion-enabled gaming? No matter what games you may end up playing, expect to get a VR workout that may surprise you in how many calories you’ll burn.

Granted, not EVERY new VR game will be a fast-paced FPS or other experiences where you’re meant to have your adrenaline pumping wildly. Some games are on the way that are slower paced, less intense yet compelling experiences like ADR1FT, which is looking like a must-play whether you go VR or not. If you’re a hardcore VR detractor who refuses to go near a helmet or goggles, here’s one thing to consider: VR is NOT a mandate. Your shooters, horror games, racers and the like will all still be available on whatever you currently play on. No one will come to your house to bust up your old controllers and lock you into a VR getup and the sun will continue to rise and fall where it usually does on a daily basis.

Some are comparing VR to what happened worldwide when Nintendo’s Wii console made a huge splash on the gaming scene with its motion controls that got gamers up and moving in hundreds of titles. The more immersive factor VR brings to the table means more games that can take advantage of getting gamers even more active even when doing the simplest of motions. While it’s hard to say what’s going to be popular in terms of genres across the assorted VR platforms, it’s clear that some gamers expect familiarity as well as all-new types of games to play. The added immersion the headsets will bring will certainly get those head and neck muscles working harder and should one be playing a game where one needs to move those feet, there’s going to be some additional sweat from that VR workout.

One big question to ask is will all that motion (and potential for motion sickness in some individuals) mean less play time in these VR worlds? While it’s a surety that these games aren’t meant to be played for more than half an hour or so before some rest is required, you know you can’t stop some gamers from their VR marathon sessions. In fact, I’d bet a dime that we’ll see YouTube, Twitch and other video channels dedicated to some who brave these new VR worlds for extended sessions as self-styled guinea pigs. Granted, I can also see assorted medical professionals warning against too much time in the VR space because of potential side effects. But what’s a new frontier without pioneers willing to put themselves to the ultimate test, right? The VR Workout is right around the corner, but are YOU ready for it? If anything, you’ll certainly get those muscles moving shifting your furniture around your gaming space just so you don’t keep knocking stuff over or falling into your TV (ouch).


Don’t Just Be Fit. Be Gamer Fit.


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