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Holiday Gifts For A Gamer Family (Updated)

by on November 29, 2015

Holiday Gifts Guide 2015

This is the Gamer Fitnation Holiday Gifts Guide 2015. Check the latest Holiday Gifts in Gaming, Toys, Tech, and Music.

Holiday Gifts In Video Games

Bethesda Fallout 4

Holiday Gifts Fallout 4

What’s the best thing to do on a cold winter evening as the holidays are coming up? Drink hot coco? Cuddle? Receive or even gift presents? All of those answers are wrong! What you do is play Fallout 4! Too cold for you outside? No worries with the brand new Fallout 4 you will feel like it is summer all over again since you will be traveling across the wasteland! Better yet you get to feel as if you’re actually IN the game because you can create your very own custom YOU! It has  been 7 years since Bethesda released a Fallout game and Fallout 4 is definitely a game to get this holiday season for PS4, Xbox One, or PC if you’re new to the series or even an existing fan!

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront

Holiday Gifts Star Wars Battlefront

Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Are you a gamer? Then this game is the best of both worlds for you! Fight alongside Luke Skywalker to take on the Imperial Stormtroopers or even become Darth Vader as you force choke out some Rebel scums in your choice of playing as a first person or even a third person shooter! Star Wars Battlefront is available for PS4, Xbox One, and for PC and is also the perfect gift to release your inner Jedi. As the powerful Jedi Master, Yoda, would say, “Get the game, you must!”

Activision Destiny Taken King

Holiday Gifts Destiny Taken King
What does your destiny have in store for you this holiday season?  Is it to take on the Taken King? If so, you will be one step closer to achieving your destiny with Destiny: The Taken King! Why would that be your destiny in the first place? Well you took out the Crota back in Destiny: The Dark Below. Remember that guy? The skull looking guy? Well apparently Crota is the son of the Taken King, Oryx. Yep and he’s not too happy about that. Take on Oryx along with many others sharing the same destiny as you this holiday season in Destiny: The Taken King, available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One!

Skylander SuperchargersHoliday Gifts Skylanders Superchargers
What’s better than good ol’ Skylanders? Skylanders with vehicles! With Activision’s 5th installment of the series, the “toys to life” game introduces many new Skylander characters alongside with their vehicle counterparts. Vehicles are divided into 3 classes, which include ground, water, and flying vehicles. Let’s hope road rage won’t be a factor in this game this holiday season!

The Astro A40 TR headset + Mix Amp Pro TR

Holiday Gifts A40 Mix Amp Pros

Has a 90% overall rating among popular sites like Amazon.  Its price range is about $200-$300. The Astro A40 TR headset is an awesome audio device coupled with the Mix Amp Pro TR that can work with pretty much anything you can plug it into.  The quality hits you right away from the packaging alone.  The box itself is like a premium gift from some special gaming ops organization.  It comes with a headset, a mixer, several cables, a microphone, and other accessories.  Among the cables types include splits and optical cables.  

The Astro A40 TR are very comfortable.  It has a plastic frame with a little metal to add some support.    The materials on the ear pieces appear to be very durable in comparison to others on the market.  Its material is very breathable, reducing sweat from your ears.  The weight is just right, not too heavy or too light.  They also swivel out comfortably preventing constraint on your neck. Additionally, the ear cuffs are customizable.  They can be swapped out with other designs and connect with magnetic clipping. Overall the design and attention to detail is incredible.  

7.1 virtual surround sound dolby digital supported.  Brilliant in war games.  It’s easy to pick where your targets are and what’s happening around you.  Overall, the audio quality is very clear with excellent base power.

The Astro A40 TR  can be flexed at any angle; it will stay there without losing durability or flexibility.  Additionally, the clip is made out of metal making it a lot harder to wear out, if ever.  

The Mix Amp Pro TR is the main star of the show.   It contains volume control, equalizers, and an option to switch the balance between the game sound and your voice sound.  On the front, there is a feature that lets you hook up mics and headphones together to prevent any delay in audio if you are in a LAN.  Behind it, you can plug in an mp3 player, phone, usb, and streaming.  

The Astro A40 TR Headset and Mix Amp Pro TR makes an excellent Holiday gift that will bring your friends milky caramel to their ears.  

Holiday Gift in Gadgets


Holiday Gifts Nvidia Tablet

Want to get a new gadget to play games on for the Holidays?  Then check out the Nvidia Shield Tablet!   It has a lot of great features, tons of storage space, and runs Android 5.1.   At Android 5.1, it brings users up to date and segways us into the reason you would probably want to get this in the first place.  The games!   Pretty much, any Android game out in the market can be played on the device.  From action games like Geometry Wars 3, adventures like MineCraft: Story Mode, to older more intense titles like Resident Evil 5.  There’s tons of hours of entertainment packed into the market that can be played on this device. Furthermore, the device can seamlessly connect wirelessly to your PC making streaming as simple as can be.   If you are looking for a powerful Tablet to give away for the Holidays, for around $400, you can stick this one under your tree.  


Holiday Gifts Tile

Tile is a neat little device that let’s you find anything.  You can attach it to your keys, leave it in your purse, or even attach it to your laptop.  Using the Tile app on your phone,you can see how far you are away from a Tile.  The phone app can locate the little Tile object in the matter of seconds.  It shows you how far you are away from the object.  Additionally, the tile has a loud sound that can play to further help identify the objects location!  If that wasn’t useful enough, it works in reverse too!  Pressing the Tile object will cause your phone to ring!   Tile’s the simplest way to find anything.   If someone steals something from you, you can activate the Tile object to help locate it!   The Tile app will use all nearby users locations to triangulate the location of the stolen object.  Tile is affordable, at only $25 a “Tile”.   A fun excellent Holiday gift to take away the anxiety of losing your most important belongings.  


Holiday Gifts For The Monster In You

ROC Sport Black Platinum Over-Ear

Holiday Gifts Ronaldo Monster Roc

What does international superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and nice quality headphones have in common? There are probably many things they have in common but one BIG thing they have in common would be the new ROC Sport Edition Headphones from Monster! With it’s sleek black platinum design. total noise cancellation, and tight detailed bass,  you’ll be living like Ronaldo and Live Life Loud!

ROC Sport Freedom Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

roc_on-ear_wirelessCan’t get enough of Cristiano Ronaldo? Want a cheaper alternative to it’s wired brother from above? How about it’s Bluetooth wireless counterpart, the ROC Sport Freedom Bluetooth Headphones! That way you won’t have wires getting in the way whenever you throw your hands up and dance whenever Ronaldo scores a goal! Release your inner Ronaldo and don’t forget to Live Life Loud!

Monster 24K BackFloat Bluetooth Floating SpeakerHoliday Gifts Monster-24k-speaker-and-headphones-640x427-c
You know what happened the other day? I was taking a swim, relaxing all cool, and listening to music outside the pool, when a couple of guys, from the other neighborhood, noticed my speakers were wet so it was no good. I got in one little fight about it needing a repair, and they said ‘You should buy Monster’s 24k BackFloat Floating Speakers this year”. So those of you enjoy swimming, bathing, and skinny dipping, then these Gold waterproof speakers are for you!

Monster NTUNE On-Ear Headphones


Ever wish your headphones match what your shirt, or shoes, or even nails? Well now it can with Monster’s new NTUNE On-Ear Headphones! With over 20 different colors from red, to blue, to yellow, to pink, they are designed to be super comfortable, super fashionable, and have a super powerful sound performance! Jam out to crisp music in style!

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