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Tom Root and Tom Sheppard of Robot Chicken Interview

by on November 20, 2015

Tom Root and Tom Sheppard, of Robot Chicken, Interviewed by Antwand

Antwand Pearson, CEO of GamerFitnation, interviewed Robot Chicken’s Tom Sheppard and Tom Root on their upcoming “Magical Friendship” DC Comics special. The series will be focusing on the relationship between Batman and Superman.  Essentially its a twisted love story with a lot of conflict, some growing, and maybe some hugging.   Antwand also asks Tom if they plan on doing a Robot Chicken video game, much like how South Park pulled off their game.  Tom says they think about it all the time, but it has never come into fruition.   They seem to be looking out for “the guy” to make it happen, preferably someone like the “FlappyBird Guy” as Tom put it.  Check out more interviews and New York Comic Con experiences on GamerFit’s YouTube Channel.

Tom Root of Robot Chicken Interview

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